ford fiesta st lease

2015 Ford Fiesta ST Lease

$3,034 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. May or may not include 1st month payment.)

MSRP $21,400

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Lease Break down: This lease is based on a Ford Fiesta ST with a base price of $21,400. You can get a 24-month, 36-month, or 48 month lease but we are going to look at the 2-year lease plan. The monthly payment of $166 translates to $3984 paid out over the life of the lease. There is a $3034 down payment which includes 1st month’s payments but not taxes or title fees. Total paid out over the life of the lease is $6852.

Mileage: You are allotted 10,500 miles per year but can set your own yearly mileage rate for an added cost. So over the life of the 24-month lease you can put 21k miles on the car. Anything over costs $0.15 per mile which is nothing.End of Lease: End of lease purchase data cannot be found.

Fine Print: Lease Payment calculations are based on a term and an annual mileage calculation determined by your dealer. NOT ALL LESSEES WILL QUALIFY FOR THE LOWEST RED CARPET LEASE PAYMENT. Lease payment based on Ford Credit/Lincoln Financial Services Red Carpet Lease. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Lease payments will be higher than estimated in Arkansas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Lessee has the option to purchase vehicle upon lease termination at price negotiated with dealer at lease signing or inception. Lessee is responsible for excess Wear and Use and for Mileage over the “miles per term allowance” as stated below: $0.15 per mile for vehicles with MSRPs up to $30,000

The amount to be paid by the lessee prior to or at signing of the lease or by delivery of the vehicle. The amount due at signing is after application of all qualifying incentives and rebates. It does not include taxes, title and/or registration fees. It includes the first month’s payment and any down payment/trade-in value. Security Deposit is waived.

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The cost to lease this pocket rocket is so cheap you can hardly afford a set or new wheels. The Ford Fiesta ST lease is one of the great secrets of the automotive world. This pint sized car has a huge fun factor that can put a smile on the face of even a Ferrari owner. The ST engineers at Ford have turned this docile Fiesta commuter car into a sporty hatch with tons of personality and ability.

Fiest ST Report
With the Fiesta ST you fall in love the first time you see this pimped out ride. With chubby cheeks, deep sills, his big rear spoiler and the wide-open grille of the Fiesta ST looks like something the tuner crowd created. Then you drive this car and think that some amazing elves worked their magic but no it was just Ford engineers.Ford’s tuning arm produced the Fiesta ST and this car is a culmination of more than a 30-year history turning small cars into fast ride. It began in the early eighties with the Fiesta XR2. This struck us: How amazing the Fiesta brings its power of 197 hp on the street. With many other small cars with far less power the front wheels rotate by latent and are permanently slowed by the electronic system. At Fiesta, however, the ESP light will flicker rarely. In sport mode it holds back any longer and already allows delicate drift angle, and who is really serious, the stability program can even turn it off completely.

Because the steering also has a larger servo motor and a lower ratio and a kind of electronic differential lock the inner front wheel a little lift at high cornering speeds are possible. With impressive precision, without shear Bern, scraping or lubricating the Fiesta is on a twisted road to asphalt milling machine that represents the character of the driver to a severe test. How else only much more expensive sports cars takes one of the small Cologne so caught up that you fly like unleashed by the uplands and must themselves call to order again and again.

You have to know: In driving the Fiesta ST brings a 1.6-liter turbo engine with 197 hp and 202 lb-ft of torque. There is an Overboost function, which increases at full throttle for up to 15 seconds the boost pressure, power and torque thus increases when overtaking gives the decisive kick.

The bit too colorful Recaro seats like a bit exaggerated and be the ST badge on the steering wheel or the aluminum pedals a little silly. But under the sheet metal, the engineers have done everything right: you have not only tuned the engine, but also built a six-speed gearbox for the first time at the Fiesta. They not only springs and dampers shortened and hardened, but previously reinforced the axle and changed the fall. This gives the Fiesta the necessary rigidity that he comes clean and stable through the corners without bucking hard landing gear and you need after three hours of brisk outing no massage.

In addition, the engineers have the braking system is reinforced: Rear are – also a Fiesta Premiere – now panes instead of drums mounted and front turn larger brake discs in the 17-inch wheels. The whole tuning is a surprisingly modest price premium where the cheapest Fiesta is $14k and the most expensive Fiesta is $18k; the Fiesta ST costs $21k. But with this lease you get the car for much less.