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2015 Ford F-150 XL Supercrew Lease

$5392 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 21,000

MSRP $34,240

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2015 Ford F-150 Details
With the F-150 Ford unveiled the undisputed star of the Detroit Auto Show. No car embodies the USA more, none is more successful: Since 32 years, the “F-one-fifty” at the top of the US auto sales. The new model? Modern and innovative than ever!
What the Germans his VW Golf is to be the American Ford F-150th Just that the dimensions in the US – according to which the vehicle itself – are completely different. If it goes well, Ford sold his powerful pick-up around one million vehicles per year. No wonder that the “F-one-fifty” as it is called here, since 37 years is the best-selling pick-up and for 32 years the best-selling car in the USA. And this will probably change with the introduction of the new model little: Besides the known qualities of the Ford F-150 presents a practical starting this fall, modern, innovative and simply better than ever.
Beefy grille, blazing bright LED torches
Although the 150 was developed entirely new, the edgy design is more evolution than revolution. Still beefy than before: The massive grille, which could also come from a Transformers movie, now framed by brightly lit LED torches. Hard times for the sometimes still young followers Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra, Dodge RAMand Toyota Tundra for the same segment only knocked off the places to stay.
“The F-150 is known for its harsh applications. As of now, he is just as smart, “says COO Mark Ford Field. “The new F-150 offers an insight into the future of full-size pickups. Another example of our One Ford plan to produce vehicles that set records in terms of quality, efficiency, security and stability. “In test labs, on racetracks and at selected sample customer has the F-150 more than 16 million kilometers, before he comes in the American trade in the autumn. The heaviest duty was the start in tormenting Desert Rally Baja 1000, which led 1,500 kilometers through the Mexican desert.
Lightweight and technical finesse
The new framework, in which the Ford F-150 is the go is harder and stiffer than before for even more versatile applications. Nevertheless, the American public’s favorite has slimmed over 300 kg, in particular through the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum body. But the American loadmaster will also shine with high-tech. He is equipped with LED headlamps, a 360-degree camera system, retractable loading aids, a trailer coupling Help, a remote-controlled tailgate and various driver assistance systems as well as air belt.
After the Atlas Concept, the 2013 Detroit Motor Show made ??a sensation, showed Ford in Detroit the production model of the new power pickup. The only differs slightly from the spectacular study. The importance of this model is shown by a glance at the numbers: with 763,402 units / year was the pickup series of Ford in 2013, once again the best-selling car in the US – that’s now been around for over 30 years like that. Just for comparison: the best-selling car in the United States, the Toyota Camry, comes to just around 400,000 units.
It is no exaggeration, the F-series and especially the best-selling model, to describe the Pickup Ford F-150, as the most important car of the American continent. The current twelfth generation goes from fall in pension and makes generation 13 place – in the literal sense: because of the new Ford F-150 is again a giant strand.The times are gone when only Ford formed a pile of iron to a pickup truck, a big V8 into infected and thus explained the development completed. With the new F-150 pulling a high-tech in the full-size pickup segment. The shows about the materials: the body of the new Ford F-150 is made of aluminum, the lead frame made of lightweight, high-strength steel. The curb weight of the giant trucks is thus reduced by up to 320 kilos, depending on the version.

The motor side, the American pickup fans have to rethink. “Only” 2.7 liter engine has the smallest new engine, a new turbocharged V6 petrol engine from the EcoBoost family. The direct injection engine with start-stop technology to suppress the consumption values ??enormous downward. As the base engine is a new 3.5-also-liter V6 with variable valve control suction. About the two comes another EcoBoost V6 with 3.5 liters of displacement, which is used already in the current Ford F-150 and with twin turbochargers generates 365 hp SAE. Who still preferred eight cylinder, gets into the new Ford F-150 to the known 5.0 V8, the big 6.2-liter engine but no longer offered.
Very tricky Ford has devoted to loading. Integrated loading ramps make it easier to transport machines and smaller vehicles on the truck bed. A 360-degree camera system helps to rank and link up trailers. In addition, Ford has optimized the BoxLink system that improves with adjustable fastening straps and attachment points to secure the load. The tailgate can be unlocked by remote control and swings with damper support gently downward. In the side walls of the loading area, LED lights are placed.

Lots of new assistance technique, the Ford F-150 also has to offer. The multimedia system with eight-inch screen is equipped with additional “Apps” like a smartphone, for instance to display information on fuel economy or towing a trailer. Known from newer Ford cars additional features such as SYNC, MyKey and the Park Pilot system also finding their way in the new F-150th

In terms of security wizard the new Ford F-150 is also on the amount of time. Radar-based distance cruise control, Lane Assist, Blind Spot Assist and accommodated via additional sensors in the rear lights cross traffic alert for safe reset are available. In the F-150 with the new EcoBoost engines are available as a further measure to reduce fuel consumption automatically closing cooler fins to reduce drag.

The Ford F-150, there will be again in the future in different trim levels (XL, XLT, Lariat, Platinum and King Ranch). These can be ordered with all-wheel drive versions, the FX4 off-road package. It includes an electronic differential lock on the rear axle, rear underrun protection and heavy duty shock absorbers.

Sales start for the new Ford F-150 is the autumn after the vacation, since 28 July, the new model can be ordered. The basic model as XL with the 283-hp 3.5-liter V6 will compete in the US for $ 26,615 (including destination charges), the XLT will cost $ 31,890. It is expected that these two models will account for 70 percent of sales figures alone. The above prices represent a rather moderate increase of about $ 400 compared to the previous model. The top version of Platinum is available for $ 52,155. The Luxury versions of the new Ford F 150 increase, the prices compared to the previous apparent to 3,000-3,500 dollars, Ford justified by the improved facilities.