ford f-150 raptor lease

2015 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Lease

$4,449 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $44,315

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Lease Details
Lease Break Down: Yes you can lease the Ford F-150 Raptor truck. The 3-year lease goes for $599 per month. That is a hefty monthly payment. That’s why if you can put more cash down you certainly should. The Raptor is one awesome truck. That equal $20,124 in monthly payments added to the $4449 down comes to $24,573 total paid out over 3 years or $8191 per year to lease the Raptor.

Mileage: You are allotted 12k miles per year. So over the life of a 36 month lease you can drive the SVT Raptor 36k miles. There is no mileage over data but you can expect $0.20 cents per mile over.

End of Lease: The F-150 Raptor lease is a special program that is unique to each dealer. So you can probably purchase the Raptor at lease end but the price will need to be negotiated prior to signing. The option to purchase should be about $26k.But is you think you are going to lease this bad boy and then go hit some huge jumps, remember it is a lease and you are responsible for damage. Also you cannot use any sort of bonus cash or incentives on certain high-performance vehicles. Most of the small details will have to be worked out when signing as this is on a dealer to dealer basis.

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Ford SVT Raptor Test Report
Lease the best-off road truck to ever come out of a factory
The Ford F-150 Raptor walks the walk and talks the talk. With a SuperCharged engine and a hardcore suspension, the Raptor is on monster off-road. Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) is responsible for the tuning that includes a 411 horsepower engine. With a base price of $47,315 the Raptor is out of reach for most. But this lease offer gives you the opportunity to drive this bad-ass ride.It is well known, on a 4×4 or a utility, what matters is the couple and not the pure power. And torque, nothing can replace the cubic centimeters. But when you can have both the couple, cubic centimeters and the power …Small reminder of the facts: the Ford F150 is the preferred pick-up Americans, and the best-selling vehicle for ages, against all odds … Not really small engines to catalog or downsizing. Even less about this special version SVT.Recall that SVT, Special Vehicle Team, is the sports department of Ford, their AMG somehow! As you can see already that the Ford F150 is not asleep at the base, there is Las Vegas under the hood! Judge for yourself: of course V8, 6.2 liter ” there was a little more my good lady, I left you “, 411 horses, and a couple almost human but more than adequate, with some 60.0 mkg at relatively high levels 4500 rev / min. But rest assured, under this scheme you will not feel to miss!

Pickups U.S. never fail to breath, despite their outdated automatic transmissions still eats couple. Good news here, in addition to the engine full of health there is a modern automatic transmission! … You read that right! With 6 speeds to begin a sequential order, but also and especially a correct management and electronic converter too greedy couple. Like what does!

No need to tell you about the performance of the beast, they are (d) for an amazing pickup. What a voice, what health, what energy! Moreover, this is why the F150 SVT Raptor was designed. His existence is in fact rooted in the bajas, these American rally raids … Side dynamism there is nothing wrong: we do not have the memory of having been doubled by anyone during our test!

On board, we enjoy. It feels very quickly at ease and comfortable driving dimensions of this baby is not a problem. Found its bearings faster than a Dodge Ram for example. Typical American small refinement, the pedal is electrically adjustable. Of course, finish and materials are the U.S., implying that it is at a Dacia Duster . More bad news, there is no mapping for Europe GPS, which will remain throughout our test stuck on New York last position he knew recognize.

However, as always in a pick-up U.S., the equipment could not be more complete and is not clear what we could add. The interior is welcoming and open doors “in the closet” is pleasant enough, failing to offer more in terms of convenience. A row of switches numbered 1 to 4 shall commanded nothing special and should be a reservation for installing accessories. This is a utility, after all! About utility, it differs from other pick-up by a great element: a nifty little staircase is integrated into the tailgate. Simple, but very effective, it was enough to think about!

At startup, you will immediately feel. The beautiful big double outlet exhaust tip-top as we like, so beautiful boat leaving the harbor. City means to us and we are seen. Certainly, the color and the size of our F150 help! The astonishment and respect prevail, it does not feel unpleasant and jealous glances or accusers, which can sometimes have with a large 4×4.

On the road, it must obviously the place, but that everyone in doubt. But after … It behaves very well, even better than the mechanics still offers enough torque, whatever the pace. Traction control before and it’s not so bad, because the Ford F150 Raptor remains a switchable 4×4, understand road … a simple propulsion. With rigid axle and leaf springs!

Ford F150 SVT RaptorGood, and the 4×4 in all this? On track and on the road: it never fails to power the vehicle is stable as long and wide, everything is fine. However, the dimensions discourage out the big attack, but it is obvious that runs significantly faster than another pick-up! Obviously, it takes place around and there is no risk to go hiking on the paths with small Auvergne.

In passing it is the same: the desire is to have the width to get the beast. Then, equipped with a good discount and a locking rear differential, it will be possible to pass it to amazing places, especially as for once he is well shod original (BF Goodrich All Terrain). We also note the presence of a control downhill speed. Only worry about recurring pickups: the rear overhang is really long, relatively low, and the crossing is always conclude with the rear rubbing … The dual exhaust is relatively exposed too.

In terms of budget, the equipment is sold at a price of course tantalizing USA. But once paid transport, very expensive import tax and processing for approval and the latter, the budget has changed. For all these reasons, it is best to go through a pro of the U.S. import as Import Trader, who provided us with this splendid copy. Counting in € 60,000 for a few kilometer copy. Maintenance side, it remains a relatively simple mechanically vehicle, while the console has positively surprised us with an average of 13.5 liters, reasonable in view of the carton lies beneath the hood off.

Beautiful, powerful, fun to drive, the Ford F150 SVT Raptor is undoubtedly one of the most desirable time of pick-up, as our testing has shown. In fact, we would gladly have kept us