Ford Explorer lease

2015 Ford Explorer Lease

$3969 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $30,015

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Ford Explorer Report
The Ford Explorer not only looks good, it moves good, and is actually very economical. The Ford Explorer lease is exactly the right competitor for the German luxury SUVs at half the price.
In the course of the generation change the car has not only chic, places the adventure clothing and ventures with cool grill, powerful flanks and reasonably crisp tail in the jungle of the big city. He is especially economical than before. After all, in the spirit of the new era, Americans save two cylinders. Instead of the old V8 engine so there is now a top engine a new V6 with 20 percent less thirsty. And if in the course of the year, added a four-cylinder Ecoboost engine, the Yanks may indeed wonder engine capacity of over two liters. But they can sure appreciate a reduction in fuel consumption of about 30 percent.
In the first test drive of the Explorer with the 3.5-liter V6 engine makes a very good figure: 216 kW/294 hp and up to 345 Nm, finely sorted by a six-speed automatic, have yourself a good two tons unladen weight not an easy game . To 100 of the Brocken therefore accelerates in little more than eight seconds, overtaking is child’s play – at least on American highways. Since the engine hisses briefly, the bow rises a bit like a racing boat, and all left the Explorer pushes past the guy in front. Just up the air is a little thin: Much More than 180 items are not there. But who cares about that in a country where you can drive almost anywhere faster than 120 on public roads?
While rolling at a moderate pace on the highway, the suspension ironed out all bumps slack off, the steering is quite accurate for a U.S. model, and the terrain helps as Land Rover, a handle to the knob to the electronics and drive on each terrain to adjust. Then the Explorer (almost) comes everywhere – if you do not go with front-wheel drive in the base model. , but the Explorer does not just drive properly and looks good – he sums finally also like: Sitting comfortably, his hands stroking surprisingly noble materials , and the view is of an almost sensational cockpit. Nicer graphics there only in the video game. Further back the enthusiasm slows down, however. Especially the now standard bank in the third row offers little comfort and executed acts like tinkering. However, they wish – as indeed almost anything and in this car – operate electrically. If you lift it out of the way and even sets to the second row, one is Lord over two cubic feet of cargo volume.