ferrari ff lease

2015 Ferrari FF Lease

$30500 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 3500

MSRP $295,000

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The Ferrari FF is a departure from the usually prancing pony to come out of Italia. This is the first all-wheel drive 4-seater. This lease deal gets you into a more practical 651 horsepower hatchback! The Ferrari FF is part luxury sedan and part exotic as evident by the racing heritage and V-12 engine.

This sound! Long before you get to face the Ferrari FF for the first time, you can hear him. Miles of the twelve-cylinder roars his hoarse song of the lust for power, in which italophile car fans melt away as once the guests at the opera arias Pavarotti. So it has always been at Ferrari and so hopefully it will always be.
But what will come around the corner, do not want to adapt to your own expectations as follows. For the FF is not a purebred supercars, bitter, brutal and razor sharp. He is a big coupe of elegance and grandeur, one expects more before La Scala Milan at the foot of Nürburg. And he does not just look like a dignified Gran Tourismo, but also has its inner values: Two adults can easily forward as in a S-Class and rear no worse than sitting in a BMW six. And in the trunk fit at 400 liters actually more than a credit card and travel bag. This one indulges in latex and leather, looking in vain for the Italian rut, former Ferrari has so often done in the workshops, and stumbles instead on lots of extras, which one would now expected to last of all in a Ferrari: A switchable front camera that you can look around the corner despite the endless hood? Video screens for the rear passengers in the front head restraints? A luggage compartment cover as a room divider? Or lashing eyes in the luggage compartment? Yes build the Italians suddenly family cars?
Yes and no. Because of this contradiction is quite intentional. Ferrari himself rather speaks of revolution than evolution, and boasts the FF as one of the most practical sports car of all time. The fact that the V12-powered car so is good also for the way to the office, its owner carries over the weekend in and around Tuscany or a pinch, can be used as a shuttle to kindergarten times -. Everything had the magician from Maranello definitely on the list why is the FF also meek and tame, when you move it with the necessary restraint. The twelve-cylinder whispers so soft and silky, as if it were mounted in an S-Class, the transitions, the hinged at the rear axle dual clutch change so quickly and without a trace, that the digital display hardly comes along, and thanks to the first built in a Ferrari four-wheel drive is liable to the FF with sheer magnetic force on the tarmac: If all stability systems are activated and the driver makes the gas pedal a bit easier, you can move the low-flying aircraft was formally with the little finger and gets the impression that every Fiat Abarth is toxic.
But you must remember not be lulled by the soft leather, the warm air from the air conditioning and the gentle murmur of the engine: a gas shock is sufficient and the Beau becomes exactly that beast that you would expect from Ferrari – not for nothing is of course the famous on the handlebars Manettino, not for nothing that the valance is handy like in a racing car, and not in vain flicker in the steering rim the red LEDs with the tachometer to the bet. Just a few more degrees in the ankle, then shows the FF from now on once its other face. He is formally to-surface missile, the traveling towards a hotter singing on the horizon. 660 hp and a maximum of 683 Nm – as are even the 1.8 tonnes live weight for ease of flying with a batting an eyelid away. While the engine is angry hisses and unto Tours 8000 turns, the gears are now changed with the vehemence of a sledgehammer and the landscape in fast motion through the field of vision is flying, the FF accelerates in 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 and then so effortlessly on that one want to believe unquestioningly him the 335 km / h top speed. It can also be the great and everything else keep playing as a light car on the track. With a firm hand and staring is performed with the FF as precise about the course as a surgeon and his scalpel waits formally it that at some point the electronics preparing the wild game at the frontiers of physics a late end. But the Ferrari is so well balanced and fine-tuned so that the driver previously the courage loses traction as the car.