srt viper lease

2015 SRT Viper Lease

$6,499 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. Does not include 1st month payment.)

MSRP $102,485

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***There is no Official Data from Dodge on an SRT Viper Lease**** This offer is speculation but a dealer would certainly be willing to make a deal.

Payment Breakdown: Monthly payments total $1608 per month for 3 years. The SRT Viper has a base price of $99k but when you add the gas guzzler tax the price breaks $102k. Payments are based on a 36-month schedule. $1669 was added as the acquisition fee as this is the same as the destination fee stated on Dodge website. Down payment is estimated at $6499
Mileage: There is not mileage data but a fair estimate would be no more than 10k miles per year or 30k miles over the life of the lease. Anything over would range $0.25 – $0.50End of Lease: The SRT Viper will have a residual value of $61,425 at end of lease based on a 60% rate which is industry normal. You must negotiate the purchase price with the dealer.Fine Print: This is an estimate based on similar SRT model leases and pricing data combined with a lease calculator. Any dealer would be more than happy to make a deal.

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SRT Viper GTS – The Snake is Back

Forget the Mustang and the Camaro; the SRT Viper is where its at. This Bad Ass Snake has the largest production motor ever with over 600 horsepower.This SRT Viper Lease is the perfect way to enjoy American Muscle.
The perfect place for the new SRT Viper is at your local track or drag strip. This snake returns with the largest production engine ever at 8.4 liter. General Motors as part of a realignment has moved the entire SRT line off to its own brand. SRT is still located in Detroit and still speaks the American muscle car language so do not worry. The Viper is back and has changed in a big way, but the basis of what made the first generation Viper great is still there. This is an awe inspiring performance car with huge power.
So open up the carbon fiber hood and prepare to be amazed. Downsizing? Yeah Right! The V-10 still growls under the hood. This is old fashioned muscle with over 8.4 liters of displacement, 2 valves per cylinder, and a camshaft below. However this new engine to come out of the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit had been lightened by 25 lbs. The Intake is made from composite material, there is an aluminum flywheel, and the forged pistons improve engine and rev response. Now the SRT Viper spits out 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft. of torque.New SRT Viper with a New InteriorA larger body means more interior room. The seats are very supportive and the bubble roof allows for more head room, even if you are wearing a helmet. Soft leather and modern instruments including a TFT tachometer give the feel that SRT Viper had some Italian influence. But pressing the red button on the Viper quickly smashes that thought. The smooth clutch seems light years ahead of the heavy hard to shift clutch from the first generation car.The head designer Mark Trostle wanted to remain true to the proportions of the old car since it had such a unique a polarizing look. The look is very similar yet updated. The long hood has functional vents, the lateral indentations make for enthusiastic gestures, and the hood has a double bubble for both aerodynamics and room. Everything comes together and the side pipes and huge rims look awesome.

Taming the Beast

The modified V-10 looks more bad ass than ever. This snake responded willingly and almost rips through aggressive power band. As before, the car hits redline just past the 6,000 mark. Shifts comes fast and furious thanks to the Tremec TR6060 six-speed manual transmission. Be care though because many have been bitten by this snake. 0-60 MPH comes in the low 3 second range. Really the track is the only place you will get to take full advantage of the Brembo stoppers.

Many drivers of the past generation were scared to use all the power since there was an absence of safety systems such as traction control. The new Viper though is fully equipped with all the safety electronics to allow even a beginner to drive like a hero. Adaptive Bilstein dampers can adjust themselves automatically too. The body is approximately 50 percent stiffer with a mix of steel space frame with parts made of magnesium, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

The new SRT Viper is not only one of the most powerful production cars, it is also one of the sexiest. With a starting price of $97,395; the Viper is a real bargain when you compare the performance figures to vehicles costing twice as much.

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2014 SRT Viper GTS Anodized Carbon Special Edition Package