summer clearance event bannerThe Chrysler Summer Clearance Event is here and it’s time to liquidate the current inventory of 2014 models. There are many different incentives and bonus cash offers making a Chrysler luxury car more affordable than ever. And there are hundreds of dealers across the U.S. having these big 4th of July Sales Events. Get a low lease rate, 0% Financing, incentives, bonus cash and more.

Chrysler Summer Clearance Highlights

  • BIG Cash Allowance: Up to $4250 Cash Back with the Bonus Cash and Consumer Cash Combined
  • 0% APR and $1000:  Get 0% APR for up to 72 months/6 years and a $1000 Cash Allowance
  • Great Lease Offers: Lease start at under $200 for the all new Chrysler 200.

Chrysler Lease Specials

I Want this Chrysler Deal

summer clearance flagThe Chrysler Summer Clearance Event is packed full of great options and deals. The big savings come when you lease or finance a new 2014 or 2015 Chrysler. The Chrysler Summer Clearance Event seems too great to be true. These big discounts on the Town and Country minivan, 300 luxury sedan, and newly redesigned 200 should be a great way to entice buyers.

Chrysler Summer Clearance Event adIf you are looking to finance the Chrysler Financial is offering a 0% APR Financing Rate for up to 72 months. That is a huge amount in saved cash. As a bonus Chrysler is giving out a $1000 Cash Allowance too!

If you decide to secure a loan elsewhere or are purchasing with cash, you can cash in on cash allowances. These are bonus rebates of up to $4250 taken right off the MSRP price.

The last option which is very popular is the lease deal. These Chrysler lease offers are too good to be true in that they allow you to get into a great American luxury car for a low monthly payment. Can yo believe the brand new 2015 Chrysler 200 is only $199 per month.