Chevrolet Traverse Lease

2015 Chevrolet Traverse Lease

$2,699 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $30,795

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The Chevrolet Traverse Lease Offer is TOO GOOD to be TRUE! You get one of the best crossovers ever. Besides that the Traverse seats 7-passengers, is comfortable and quiet, and has one of the best engines out there. The Traverse is both a crossover and an SUV packed with tons of great technology.

Traverse Details
The Traverse is a great cheap alternative to those luxury SUVs from Audi and BMW. He is much more comfortable, quieter and valent than its predecessors. He is a great motorhome . The new Chevrolet Traverse gave me about 4000 U.S. Highway kilometers from north to south through the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana securely and reliably to your destination in the Texas metropolitan Houston. Without eggs, without rattling, without wobbling. Long been the major U.S. SUVs are significantly better than their reputation from the 80s and 90s, the (unfortunately) often still clinging to them today.
In the top equipment line LTZ the Traverse is a technology Temple. If I do not have to reel off 4000 km in seven days, I would have played only once for one day only with the interior elements. But the new information and entertainment system “MyLink” has addiction potential: Fast, intuitive navigation with 6.5-inch touchscreen, internet, weather forecast, telephone hotline “OnStar”, satellite radio, voice control, produced a Bose- sound system with DVD player and video screen behind the headliner. For best temperature ratios in the car (even with well over 30 degrees Celsius outside temperature) provide a three-zone climate control and heated and can be ventilated seats for driver and front passenger. The seats are quite comfortable and do not cause any back pain at long distances, the lateral support, however, would be better, the pads can be a little harder for my taste. Be it the Ami else like “big” – the side shelves in the front doors are clearly too small. This shortcoming makes the huge central storage compartment on top of the dashboard, but always up for it.
The Traverse is made a highway giant and as for the United States. Huge lot of space (almost 3300 liters of load capacity with folded seats) to 5.17 meters in length and (finally) a suspension that cushions even huge potholes, of which there are many in the hinterland of the Great Plains, and large longitudinal and transverse grooves without hesitation. A few years ago we were shaken up in a major U.S. SUV on such a surface. What did not work, the fuel thirst of the Traverse is just twelve liters per 100 kilometers, with an average travel speed of 72 km / h on Highway level are just too much. Since a used Porsche Cayenne Turbo S less! In terms of modernity is at the massive Chevy six-cylinder – which the consumption terms – so much upward potential. An off-roader is the crossbar despite its all-wheel drive, but he does not want to be. With easy terrain such as dirt roads or sandy beaches, however, the eight-seater has no problems. The six-speed automatic works decency and ruckellos, the V6 engine operates very quietly and hisses only when Kavalierstart toxic it happening. Specification Chevrolet Traverse LTZ 3.6 3.6 V6 • 292 HP • Four wheel drive • Six-speed automatic transmission