chevrolet colorado lease

2015 Chevrolet Colorado Lease

$2569 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $29,505

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Chevrolet Colorado Details
Who says pickup immediately thinks of the United States. Nowhere else in the world are the “Trucks” sold in such vast quantities as in North America. However, most of the full-size models:-ton iron mountains that ever can be longer than seven meters and also provide with gigantic gasoline engines for propulsion adequate.The pickup models, as they are common in the “Rest of World”, considered in America as the midsize pickups are rather unpopular with the local manufacturers. Dodge has painted with the Dakota sail, Ford abandoned the Ranger in the US. Only Chevrolet held by the Colorado, at comparatively modest quantities. 36,000 Chevrolet Colorado 2012 found a buyer that creates the Ford F-series as best-selling full-size pickup truck in less than a month.

Toyota Tacoma as the main competitor
A thorn in the flesh might be especially the Toyota Tacoma Chevrolet. Because the produced in Mexico and Kaliformien midsize pickup, in the dimension known about the Toyota Hilux with us comparable sold splendidly, in 2012 alone more than 140,000 times. It is because customers, and this cake will Chevrolet now again have a larger piece.

Special rush but they had obviously not in the realization of the concept. In 2011, Chevrolet introduced the concept car of Colorado and was thus pointing the way forward, now entering production presented with the end of 2013 production model.

The Chevrolet Colorado is largely based coatings on the platform of the Isuzu D-Max , but gets to the US market, an independent, at large Silverado ajar body shape and own engines. To launch early 2014 a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 193 hp and a 3.6-liter V6 gasoline engine with 302 hp will be used. The machines are already in use in Chevrolet cars, but revised for the Chevrolet Colorado, to offer a fuller torque in the low speed range.

Chevrolet Colorado comes with Turbo Diesel
However, the real surprise is an engine that is introduced in late 2014: then Chevrolet will offer the Colorado with the four-cylinder Duramax diesel engine with 2.8 liter displacement. Here then allowed to sit up, the Europeans, because the developed in Germany and USA Common rail turbo diesel should also be prepared for the Euro 6 emissions standard, a sale of the Chevrolet Colorado in Germany would be nothing in the way. The performance could certainly taste German Pickup fans: 200 hp and 500 Newton meters provides the Turbo Diesel in the Chevrolet Colorado. Interestingly, this is so far unique for the US-market combination is also against the background that VW so far categorically spoke out against the sale of the Amarok in the US, because you see there for a mid-size pickup with four-cylinder diesel no market. That could change if possible.

Because in terms of size, technology and equipment aims of the new Chevrolet Colorado also directly on the best-selling pickup in Germany. Chevrolet Colorado sees particularly in the private market locates, professional users will continue to access the full-size models. This thrust is also in the equipment using today’s gimmicks: multimedia system with eight inch touchscreen, which can also be operated via voice and gesture control, assistance systems such as lane control and collision warning and from starting a range of accessories, which is particularly designed for recreational users – about bicycle racks or even the Internet connection with short message service and connecting to social networks.

The Chevrolet Colorado starts in early 2014 in the US sales, prices have not yet been called. For the launch there will be the Chevrolet Colorado as one and a half and as a Double Cab, the vehicle length (about 5.3 meters) is identical for both. A regular import to Germany is not yet decided.