Chevy CAmaro SS LEase

2015 Chevy Camaro SS Lease

$4122 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $34,350

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When the Chevy Camaro SS muscle car returned to the scene a few years ago it was a great triumph. This lease offer gets you into one of most raw and untamed sports cars on the road today. The huge 6.2 liter V-8 engine is good for 426 horsepower which is enough to melt the tires and scare your passengers.

Camaro SS Test Report
But before we really get started, we want to stop for a moment: the Camaro SS has a dramatic build-up deserves. Therefore, we will first take us less exceptional ago: So we start in the interior. forego Here Chevrolets interior designers on new-fangled gadgets à la Always online infotainment or gimmicks à la Fine-wood trim and chrome trim. Instead, the Camaro offers consistently less quality plastic decor of the bar, what the true fan but hardly not irritate: powerful work nature boy just do not fit in pinstripe suits. Especially since everything is essential in the cockpit available, including some measuring instruments en masse, with which the vital signs of the coupe are always close eye. Extensive and high-quality, however, is the standard equipment of the Camaro, to among other things, air conditioning, an audio system with USB port , a head-up display, and – last but not least – an electrically adjustierbare sport seating count. However, this is with the centrifugal forces that the Camaro SS elicits the 8 cylinder, little overwhelmed. The cockpit offers the driver and passenger but enough room to get the centrifugal forces add unbound. On the back seat, the space may, however, only be described as adequate, if there are two very diminutive and very undemanding passengers. Concluding the interior scene was for the sake of completeness also be noted: yes, the Camaro also has a trunk, and indeed a very narrow , of a capacity of 320 liters.
Chevrolet Camaro SS 2013 engineBut enough of the tension building – into the athletes Legend of GM, go into pleasure. We insert the key into the ignition, turn it reverently – and listen immediately to the sonorous, effortless thud of 6.2-liter monster that rages under the powerful bonnet . The 6162 cubic centimeters are distributed on eight cylinders, each with two valves . In the version we tested with 6-speed automatic transmission, the monster whopping 405 hp and 556 Newton meters of peak torque to light that is transmitted to the rear wheels via a five-bearing crankshaft and a camshaft lying down promotes. When you remove the automatic transmission – which in the face of a surcharge of 2,000 euros or the rough and associated with enervating breaks switching operations not a bad decision – which supplies 8-cylinder thanks to higher compression even 432 hp and 570 Newton meters. With this tremendous power completed the Camaro SS – as befits a true sports car belongs – the usual driving performance test with flying colors and grandeur. So does the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h only 5.2 seconds highway advisory speed is reached in 8.1 seconds – and the 200 Coupé cracks in 19.4 seconds . The bare figures do, however, only requires the happiness resist, the one about to come on the accelerator when jumping. This excited the sheer force with which pushes the 6.2-liter engine, like the barbarian battle cry, the selbiges sings it. As a driver, you get the full benefit of the traveling motor sounds but only if you opt for the convertible. Whoever wants now looking for a necessarily fly in the soup gasoline, which it is in the form of fuel consumption can also be found. But who leads about such trivialities book, which is a nice small car or a practical family van might have more joy. Because with good 15 liters of premium gasoline you have to expect an average of 100 kilometers – Monster just want to be fed.
Trust remains its Chevrolet line finally the chassis. You compromise on modern frippery such as air suspension and Adaptivdämpfer and instead to emphasize the tried and tested: coil springs, stabilizers, four-link rear suspension and double wishbone front. The rest is allowed to the 20-inch models, with those of the 1800 kg heavy Camaro is literally glued to the asphalt. Suspension comfort there is so seldom been. For the SS but with his downright outrageous for U.S. direct steering ratio is then a curve courageous knight , the moderate oversteer and very slowly approaches the takeoff point. So this is not achieved, Chevrolet has his sports car legend ESP and four ventilated disc brakes (355 mm front, 365 mm rear) missed with which the Camaro comes out 100 in 35 meters to rest again. And the price? That’s almost shameless small in comparison with other sports car of this quality. From 42 215 € You may call the Camaro convertible about your own. (Nau) If you want to keep on the lookout for cheaper alternatives, which is at just right. So there are in our car configurator numerous sports car with a lot of horsepower.