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What is Honda Connect

Honda connect systemThink of Honda Connect as an in-dash version of your Android Powered smart phone.This infotainment system combines all the great features you need like entertainment, navigation, music, applications, and more. The new Honda Connect the entertainment and navigation system aboard Honda, and makes using a good processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 , with its two cores ensures fast and effective processing images. Connect Honda also surprised by the fact that he resorted to the most popular operating system in the market of smartphones and tablets, Android in version 4.0.4 . Honda wanted his entertainment system rejoiced relatively advanced gestural touch capabilities, to respond to commands like zoom fingers and separate them to reduce or enlarge the zoom mapping browser. And I will say that the idea was good, and the step they have taken, but I believe Honda still needs a lot to improve .

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BMW i Remote App

bmw i remote 1When you live an electric vehicle lifestyle, you want to be in control. With the BMW I Remote app there are many different ways you can control and monitor your BMW i3 or i8 just by using your smart phone.

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What is the Subaru Legacy Challenge?

subaru legacy challengeThe Subaru Legacy Challenge is a face-off between the most popular mid-sized sedans. The Legacy is more than just your everyday Sedan, it’s a Subaru. When compared to the competition, the Legacy offers better safety, more performance, a larger interior, better gas mileage, and more value.

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