cadillac srx lease

2015 Cadillac SRX Lease

$3675 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $37,650

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Cadillac SRX Test Report
The Cadillac SRX is the people’s luxury SUV. This American standard provides plenty of power, good looks, and luxury amenities with a very competitive lease rate.
You want to attract attention and avoid the out of the ordinary? They like the American way of drive without equal to hoist the Stars and Stripes? You like to ride on bad roads times without starting the same expedition? Then how about with the Cadillac SRX?
It obviously belongs not so much to to stand in the parking lot for a few minutes at the center. It need not be a Ferrari, not a Rolls Royce and no lobster, so that turn heads craning necks and questioning curiosity increases in the eyes. It will work for less than half the price, is a test drive with the Cadillac SRX.
While the car in the US almost as commonplace as this country a VW Touareg and Porsche Cayenne, the great American enjoys this side of the Atlantic true rarity; only 150 copies were registered in Germany last year. Because it also comes with a clear-cut sheet metal garment, he conjures itself to the supermarket parking lot a touch of Hollywood. Interested glances and curious questions came of its own.
Of great note this curiosity testifies rarely: Because hardly anyone recognizes the brand logo on the grille and no one dares close enough to read the lettering on the rear, drift many questioner in the wrong direction. No, this is not the new Porsche, then you have to disappoint supposedly successful Erlkönig hunters. The presumption of a large Opel is only half right about a lot of detours. And that the SRX even a Mercedes or BMW is how many suspect, of course, is nonsense.

This confusion is actually excluded. Although now means almost any terrain vehicles “Sport Utility Vehicle” (SUV) and every second person wants to be a crossover. But at least from the German competitors – except for the newly introduced R-Class from Mercedes and not yet available Q7 Audi once again – is so far no Allradler closer to making high-roof station wagon as the Cadillac SRX.
The location makes it any easier though. For the first luxury SUV to make the Opel-relationship of the US, the SRX neither a jeep still a van – and a proper combination he is not. But combines the 4.95 meter thick ship several advantages of this species: one sits high up on the box, and enjoys excellent visibility, which must be supported electronically only when reverse parking. The increased ground clearance and the electronically controlled all-wheel drive take at least simple gravel roads and snowy mountain roads terror. And the sheer size creates so much space that it inside for comfortable legroom, a maximum of 1400 liters of luggage, or a third seat (1600 euro surcharge) is enough to sink the electric motors at your fingertips flat in the ground.

Even with full seating of the boot holds 238 liters still. Because the SRX with this cutting everything can suddenly wants, he’s out of all discipline a masterpiece, but a good compromise. For a real combination him a few liters of cargo space for the van about the variability in the second row of seats and for the off-roader is missing a little more staying power in slippery, bumpy or otherwise dangerous situations.
Surprisingly, the major European Americans are driving. Of course, the landing gear is not as tight as in a BMW X5 and the steering is not quite as direct as in the Mercedes M-Class. But an American swing-boat is not the SRX. Rather, the two-tonner proves to be a solid slider that rolls quietly and calmly on the highway and can be gezirkelt with some sensitivity also narrow mountain roads. Help, among other things, the automatic leveling on the rear axle, the standard ESP and the upscale versions, the “Magnetic Ride Control”, with the suspension in a split second can be changed electronically.
Pronounced American, however, the SRX is with the equipment. Therefore, many things are standard with a base price of 43,950 euros, for which you have access, in particular German manufacturers deep into their pockets. Of course, you do not need an electric pedal adjustment necessarily, but eight-way power adjustable seats, cruise control, dual-zone automatic climate control and xenon headlights are pleasing extras when they are included in the base price.
SRX is powered either by a 3.6-liter V6 engine with 258 hp (190 kW) or an eight-cylinder engine, the (239 kW) draws from 4.6 liters 325 hp. Although a true “American cars” actually needs a real V8, we have been content in the test with the six-cylinder and this self-restraint almost regretted. Not only because the eight cylinders simply sound better than six. No question: 339 Newton meters of torque are not bad, and a sprint value of 8.1 seconds is at the soft switching five-speed automatic fine too. However, the electronics put an end to the propulsion already at 201 km / h gives the SRX in the left lane little chance.
However, this is overlooking the fuel gauge also a matter of common sense. Finally, Cadillac is the consumption of already within the normal cycle of 14.7 liters. And in practice, there are a few more liters jiffy. Might be a better choice even in this point of the V8. Although much is the great engine – along with more features – equal to 10,000 euros more. But at least according to the datasheet it is not only stronger and faster, but also more economical.

A source of constant amazement is the infotainment and navigation system requires an additional charge of € 2,950 for the Cadillac. Although function and navigation channels, but that one discovers the onboard computer after kanpp 1,000 kilometers, does not speak for intuitive operation of the system. And also the fact that only the clock appears when one renounces all other information such as range or trip odometer is ill conceived. Almost funny the other hand, the permanent indication of the limited top speed or penetrating Warning of possible icy conditions, while the thermometer minus 17 degrees Celsius and displays the wipers contend with table tennis ball-sized snowflakes.