BMW X4 xDrive35i Lease

2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i Lease

$5250 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.)Miles: 30,000

MSRP $48,000

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Lease Details
Payment Breakdown: Get into a brand new 2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i for just $599/month lease. This deal is available for customers who qualify (not all lessees will qualify). Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. Dealer contribution may vary and could affect actual lease payment. For only $599 per month you can drive off in a beautiful sports car. The lease term is 36 months. Over that span you will pay $21,564 in lease payments plus a $500 Security Deposit and a $925 destination charge and a $5,250 down payment. The total cost of of the lease is about $28,239 (tax, license, title, fees, registration and documentation are additional).

Mileage: With this 2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i lease you are granted a total of 36,000 miles. Mileage driven over the allotted amount will cost you an additional $0.25 per mile. So if you drove 1000 miles over the 36,000 allotted you would be responsible for an additional $250 at the end of the lease.

End of Lease: Once your lease is up you can opt to purchase the 2015 BMW X4 xDrive35i at predetermined price set by the dealer. However, if you prefer you can choose to return the X4 at the end of the term. Remember that any excess wear and tear and/or additional mileage will result in additional charges.

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About the X4
The luxury crossover class has been booming and BMW gives us a brand new model with the X4. You can lease this X4 which looks like the baby brother to the X6 and be the envy of all the neighbors. Since BMW drives up the X6, the competition is working hard on his own crosses between coupe and SUV. But BMW is already rolling on the next level. The X4 is less armored than the X6.
He has written a success story, with even its makers never expected: since BMW launched the X6 six years ago, the Bavarians come with the production barely keep up. Meanwhile, 250,000 copies have been sold in the summer is at the generational change, and the time limits are still not shorter.

Now the makers of Munich want to savor this success and therefore carry it into the next segment: For summer gets the X6 a little brother who is then derived from the X3 and X4 accordingly as the race goes.
Unlike the X6 X4 is however not drawn quite so ostentatious and provocative, but feels a bit socially acceptable. Nevertheless, he looks sleek, athletic, yes, just damn good.
Not for nothing, Bayern have only taken the bonnet, the kidneys and the front fenders from the X3 and changed all other sheet metal parts. Not only the silhouette changes with the falling roof, which makes the unchanged 4.67 meter long car four inches shallower. The front looks with huge nostrils much

Internal changes, although not quite as much. But even just two inches less seat height in the front row already make a tangible difference. And with more molded rear seats also sees the rear of something more dynamic. Although the roof drops noticeably, it can be there by the way stand comfortably at the first seating test.
If you have only one maneuvers the head unscathed through the flat door opening, the air space is sufficient even for a steep Gelfrisur. Rethinking just need to practitioners and loadmaster. Because the trunk melts at 500 liters in an upright rear seat is folded, increases the volume to 1400 liters.

Where is the BMW X3 at the latest with the facelift on reason and turns on the screw consumption, it is the X4 much longer about pleasure. Suspension and steering are therefore sportier tuning of home, the rule systems operate in dynamic mode, the automatic shifts quickly, and the base engines just fly out of the program as the models without all-wheel drive.
So therefore remains the choice between three petrol engines and diesels, which cover a range 184-313 hp. Even the X4 20i the weakest engine pulls the SUVAthletes therefore in 8.1 seconds to 100 and creates for 212 km / h And who the X4 35d ordered from the other end of the range, for example, comes to a sprint of 5.2 seconds, and a top speed of 247 km / h
Prices for the X4 start at 45,600 Euros and are thus on the paper around 4500 euros over the comparable X3. While coupes are always a bit more expensive than the original model, admits a product manager Richard Jacobi. But so deeply want Bayern to their customers then did not reach into his pocket.

The bulk of this difference is attributable to the significantly better standard equipment, are among the the X4 also expensive extras like Xenon headlights, sport steering, 18-inch monitor or a power liftgate. This reduces the charge for the lovely glow on round 1000 euro and sound much more sympathetic.
A sensational design, the credible promise of a lot of fun to drive, no significant compromises in everyday use, and a socially acceptable price premium – in fact it is nothing that the success of the X4 nor stands in the way. Except maybe the new Porsche Macan.

This one is from SUV coupe still a bit further away than the oblique type of Munich. However, in the field of long hamlets such as the Mercedes GLK and Audi Q5, he is the only alternative for extroverted customers.