bmw m4 lease

2015 BMW M4 Lease

$6500 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $72,100

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BMW M4 Foreign Report
The engine develops 431 hp and 550 Nm of torque, enough to swallow the 0-100 km / h in 4.1 sec DKG transmission and 4.3 sec with the mech box. Top speed is limited electronically to 250 km / h. The ‘downsizing’ saving efficiency: manual, beautiful rejects 204 g / km CO2 194 against automatic. The average normalized consumption was 8.8 l / 100 km in manual and 8.3 l / 100 km in automatic or values ??still impressive, even if we doubt anyone manage to reproduce in real use.
The 1612 BMW M4 appears kg on the scale (according to EU standard) or a reduction of about 80 kg compared to its predecessor E92 M3. This progress is made possible by the use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber for the roof and trunk lid, the latter based on an aluminum frame, which also consists metal cover.Series, the M4 adopts differential ‘M’ and an active electromechanical steering while adaptive suspension present on our test model, is charged € 1,950. Many configurable thanks to the 3 driving program elements: ‘Comfort’, ‘Sport’ and ‘Sport Plus’. Carbon-ceramic brakes are optional, which will appeal to fans of trackdays. Side gadgets surcharge, we find a head-up display and an application ‘M Lap Timer’ smartphone that connects directly to the iDrive.

In terms of transmission, manual transmission is standard (plus 40 kg), but it’s no surprise that we find a sequential unit in our test model. With a dual-clutch 7-speed and it will certainly popular with the majority of buyers.


Start by rolling quietly leaving the box in automatic mode, the suspension and the remaining mode Comfort ‘or even’ Sport ‘direction. First impressions are good, M4 turns nicely damped even if you notice a bit of firmness on speed bumps. On the most efficient program, the engine turns discreet and purrs nicely at low revs. Very comfortable, the M4 appears to be the ideal bike for everyday use and even for long trips.

We are on a small road, the ideal playground to gauge the sportiness of the M4. We do pick up the rear with ease, which at first glance may worry. But thanks to the chassis balance, the maneuver is extremely easy to control, so each turn becomes a pretext for fun. Simply load in the front entry, and then rest your foot on the accelerator, as long as the engine speed is between 1850 and 5500 rev / min. Needless to crush the right pedal, the M4 delivers 550 Nm of torque with no latency. We feel the rear lighten, you hear the engine make its rounds and the rear fin. It easily catches hyper active differential ‘M’ which operates wisely. It is the driver who decides the length of the traces of gum left on the ground. Sublime.

That said, the engine of the M4 leaves me a little perplexed. It shows quite a force at low and midrange and BMW claims that this 6-cylinder turbo also shows light-hearted take turns in a naturally aspirated engine. But it is debatable … Let the test on a long straight: we accelerate thoroughly from the bottom of the tachometer to the maximum speed. Once the head-turning yellow to red display, a pulse on the right paddle is enough to engage a higher gear. The acceleration shows no weakness and the noise improves as the tachometer needle climbs. However, the engine does not attack the switch with rage, nor enjoys a devastating power in the last 1500 rev / min. Instinctively, the gearbox before the red zone and out of tight turn we pass it more likely that the couple used the last horsepower to restart efficiently.

Compared to the E92 M3, driving is very different. The old M3 still needed to be above 6000 rev / min to deliver maximum performance (limiter set at 8400 rev / min) while at the wheel of the M4, the approval is the immediate availability power. In addition, the throttle response proves exceptional for a turbocharged engine, probably helped by reducing the rotating masses, with a forged crankshaft and a carbon shaft. But there is greater interest in taking maximum reports, what some regret.