BMW M3 Sedan Lease

2015 BMW M3 Sedan Lease

$5771 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.)Miles: 30,000

MSRP $62,925

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Lease Details
Payment Breakdown: Lease the powerful 2015 BMW M3 4 Door Sedan (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6M) (for customers who qualify) for only $876 a month for 36 months with $3,500 down. With this lease, payments will total $31,536. The total cost of the lease (which includes a $3,500 down payment, a $895 acquisition fee, and a $500 security deposit) comes to $36,431 (not including fees, taxes, dealer charges, etc.).

Mileage: This 2015 BMW M3 lease comes with 36,000 miles over the life of the lease. Any additional miles driven over the allotted 36,000 is charged at $0.30 per mile. So even if you drove 1000 miles over the 36,000 you would only be charged an additional $300 for the extra miles driven.

End of Lease: Once your lease is up you will have the option to purchase the car at a pre-negotiated price or you can simply return the car to the dealer and lease your next vehicle. Keep in mind that you will be charged for any unusual wear and tear and for all additional mileage driven over the allotted amount.

Fine Print: *This lease may be available to customers who qualify through your participating dealer. Not all lessees will qualify. Lease offers are not available in all states. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. All figures are provided as an example of a lease.

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The 2015 BMW M3 represents a new direction. This lease gets you into a potent luxury sports car with over 430 horsepower that is capable of posting some of the quickest lap times ever.

Foreign First Impression
The first impression: He can barely roll with strength. Broad, crouching, the front section of the hood air intakes jagged and crowned by a bump, the “Power Dome”, the in shade “Yas Marina Blue” painted four-door stands in the parking lot. If the M3 is a guy who would have been afraid that the same burst his buttons off his shirt.

That says the manufacturer: “The new M3 is in less than eight minutes around the Nordschleife come,” predicts Florian Staiger, the project engineer of the car, which is equipped with a 431 bhp three-liter six-cylinder. The previous model with four-liter eight-cylinder engine and 420 hp, it took 8:05 minutes.

The exact lap time of the new conceal the BMW people still. Chief Development Officer Herbert Diess emphasizes, however, that “the motorsport potential the most important development goal” was. And he hastily adds: “The second key development goal was the high suitability for everyday use because cars are moved to 95 percent on the road anyway, and since they can not interfere..” Who would disagree?

The we noticed: The target of BMW balancing act works. Belonged to driving presentation also some laps around the track, and there pointed the car itself in the hands of a layman to convincingly what it is capable of. If you switch to the “Sport Plus” mode (engine control, steering and suspension are then set maximum aggressive), it needs full attention, not to gyrate into the gravel out of sheer exuberance. In this car you can feel what is possible when the corset large series in which engineers normally work a little bit is loosened.

Suitable for everyday use, that means the M3 especially that the rear passengers can easily get in and out because of the four doors. And that thanks to a boot volume of 480 liters, and folding rear-rear seat backs also larger cargo can be quickly moved.

Basically, however, the M3 is an extreme sports car in sedan form. In “Comfort” mode the occupants feel every seam asphalt, road noise – at least with the 19-inch wheels of the test cars – are very present, and also from the exhaust system with four tailpipes penetrates confident Geboller. In short: Who does not take very seriously the car and driving, is hardly happy with the M3.

The context is that the new, fifth generation of the M3 and M4 Coupe technically identical come from 21 June on the BMW dealers; M4 Cabriolet follows in September. The starting price for the sedan is 71,500 euros, the. 72,200 for the coupe in euro Who ordered the car with seven-speed dual-clutch instead of six-speed manual, must per 3900 euro surcharge calculated.

With the new M models also begins in this class a relative downsizing. The new engine is an inline six cylinder with three liters and twin turbochargers. Compared to the eight-cylinder predecessor, the power increases by 11 to 431 hp, maximum torque is now 550 Nm. The average fuel consumption, however, was reduced by more than a quarter, to now 8.3 liters, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 194 grams per kilometer. It is logical that these are merely theoretical sizes especially for a car of this caliber.

Among the technical novelties of the new M models include the propeller shaft made of carbon fiber for the first time from the transmission to the rear axle, the roof also made of carbon fiber for both body styles and the tailgate made of a carbon-plastic mix of coupe. These and many other lightweight tricks reduce the weight compared to its predecessor by around 80 kg, so the cars now compete in running with around one and a half tons.

Initially introduced on the M4 coupe takes a roof bow, so the cross bar above the front seat backrests, from a carbon-plastic-steel hybrid material which additionally stiffens the body.
If the new composite material is not a problem in everyday use, is to be expanded the use of such mixed components. The lightweight propeller shaft made of carbon, could indicate the BMW engineers are immediately transferred to the large series. It would not be the first technology transfer from an M-model in the normal BMW model series; the variable camshaft control, improved stabilizers connections or the so-called shear field, an aluminum plate to stiffen the front of the car, came from M-cars in mass production.

We will not forget: The two forced passages through the narrow, sloping right-hander on the Aut√≥dromo Algarve, where the M3 downright elegant overdriven and was captured beautifully soft again. For a moment you think you’re as an expert, and at the same moment comes to mind that such a presentation to 99 percent belongs to the car.