BMW ActiveHybrid 5 lease

2014 BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Lease

$4754 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Includes ECO Credit Miles: 30,000

MSRP $63,825

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BMW ActiveHybrid 5 Details
The hybrid model of the BMW 5 Series is certainly a fascinating piece of technology, the car runs fast and saves plus a lot of fuel. This lease offer gets you into a hybrid that also have some go in the form of 300+ hp. The new hybrid model of BMW is unfortunately only in technical terms a respectable car. Project Manager Alfred Dick remembers proudly the car Concerning operative with 340 hp. Who is willing to make this investment, a car gets a 306-horsepower gasoline engine including 55-hp electric motor, which ensure, if necessary together for propulsion. Up to four kilometers wide and up to 60 km / h by the way you can go all-electric with fully charged batteries – it is then almost eerily quiet in the car.

But the progress has really come along so pretentious? Why do part-out BMW have the strongest hybrid vehicles in this category? If such a model with a four-cylinder engine is not much more logical and consistent? “The six-cylinder in the U.S. is our most important engine,” explains project manager Dick not entirely plausible.