bmw 435i convertible lease

2014 BMW 435i Convertible Lease

$4814 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $56,775

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First BMW gave us the beautiful 4-Series Coupe. Now you can lease this top-less version: the Cabriolet (or Convertible here in the U.S.) Has there ever been a better tailored or an extremely sophisticated luxury convertible?

BMW 4-Series Convertible Report
It is better insulated than its predecessor. It thus acts on days with moderate weather not a whit worse than the coupe design. And it performs its mechanical ballet now while driving: With up to 18 km / h of the 4 must not roll away from the traffic lights, while folding the three roof elements still under the trunk lid. This is a good thing. Finally, it takes a bit more than 20 seconds. So long the patience of his backers should not strain you.

The trunk has over its predecessor gained 20 liters and now measures 370 liters. There is a wide hatch for bulky luggage and two side pockets for all sorts of odds and ends. On top of the tail is so lean and mean that the 4 is one of the few retractable hardtop convertibles, which you can ride afterwards without stomach Pomerania. But for the sheet pile is so narrow and deep packed in the luggage compartment, it will close for suitcases and you possibly can still press a jacket through the hatch.

Electrical assistance loading
BMW wants this, like many other manufacturers, compensate with a loading assistance and makes the whole package a button up buzz. But the process is complicated, overly difficult to move the tailgate without electrical assistance and the partially exposed mechanics has a filigree.
But eventually the suitcases are inside, the door is shut, and the fun can begin. And makes fun of the 4 all. Especially if you are traveling with the 435i, which marks the peak in the model range to the debut of the M4 convertible. Finally, the only six-cylinder engine produces at three liters capacity 225 kW/306 hp and has a maximum 400 Nm easy game with the 1.8 ton car. It thus accelerates in 5.6 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and works so effortlessly and strained at full throttle that 250 km / h top appear as a mere formality. But do not worry: The other two engine variants are likely to always be strong and fast enough for a nice storm hairstyle. Because as second petrol engine, there is the 428i with 180 kW/245 hp and as for the time being only the diesel 420d, which is also making strong 135 kW/184 hp.

Even as a six-cylinder Leisetreter
With the frenzy it is in this convertible anyway such a thing. While other BMW models and especially the coupe 4-animate formally to open the throttle, the open 4-which by nature is more of a casual, relaxed car. Not that it would lack him to focus or strength. Of course, he also has a sport mode for steering, chassis and transmission, it is nimble around the corners and is perfectly balanced with a low center of gravity and rear-wheel drive. But where do you otherwise like clinging to the steering wheel on a BMW, you can lean back comfortably and here is the cozy sun worshipers. After BMW has stretched the wheelbase by two inches, no longer have to be limited to the ‘cozy togetherness: At least with the roof open, you can now stand in the rear.
On the weatheryou have to give not much by the way. Whilst it is of even online and to location magic on the free-standing monitor. But as long as the windows are closed and the wind deflector is placed inside is already being felt by outside hardly anything. And if they do, there are in addition to the powerful air conditioning and seat heating for the first time at BMW also has a hot-air gun in the headrest – so the summer can already in with a bit of luck the winter begin.

Conclusion: Farewell to the second car
He looks great and is apart from the narrow access to the trunk for a niche model even halfway practical – so the open quad from notorious second car is actually a full-year car. This is certainly no harm. Because at these prices, it could be almost anything else with an additional family car.