bmw 228i leaseThe BMW 1-Series is now the 2-Series. This entry level luxury coupe is one of the most anticipated releases this year.

2014 BMW 228i Lease

$4084 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. 36 MPG Highway!) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $37,075

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Lease Details
Payment Breakdown: BMW is offering a lease of a 2014 228i Coupe to customers who qualify (through BMW Financial Services). You will pay $359 a month for 36 months for total lease payments of $12,924, a $3,000 down payment, a $300 disposition fee and a $725 acquisition fee for a total of $16,949 (not including fees, taxes, dealer charges, etc.) for the lease term.

Mileage: This 2014 BMW 228i Coupe lease comes with 30,000 miles over the life of the lease. Any additional miles driven over the allotted 30,000 is charged at $0.20 per mile. So even if you drove 1000 miles over the 30,000 you would only be charged an additional $200 for the extra miles driven.

End of Lease: Once your lease is up you will have the option to purchase the car for $23,357 (excluding taxes) or you can simply return the car to the dealer and lease your next vehicle. Keep in mind that you will be charged for any unusual wear and tear and for all additional mileage driven over the allotted amount.

Fine Print: *This lease may be available to customers who qualify through your participating dealer. Not all lessees will qualify. Lease offers are not available in all states. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings. All figures are provided as an example of a lease. With a price of over $30k though a lease is a much better option. Although larger than previously, the 2-Series has become even racier: with a smooth-ground chassis and aerodynamic tricks the drag coefficient drops to 0.29 which is as low as some super cars. Together with optimized engines, a standard start-stop function and fuel saving extras such as the Eco-Pro mode, sailing function for the eight-speed automatic; fuel consumption hits 36 MPG on the highway. There are high-tech extras too from Navi flat screen through touchpad controller to assistance and infotainment systems.

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BMW 2-Series Europe Report
The new BMW 2er is what would have been called earlier 1 Series Coupe. However, similar to the 6 Series, part of the 5 Series and the 4-in addition to the 3 Series it is now also in the small class to further profiling, especially in the sporting arena.The M235i with its 326 hp illustrates the claim of course best, unfortunately, are at BMW events very often only the top models of the innovations available so that you do not have a direct comparison.But the basic layout is the same for all 2-models: In addition to the wheelbase and overall length, especially the track width grew compared to the 1 Series Coupe. The rear axle was about eight inches wider in this way, and there is far more than just cosmetics for the rich optical stance on the road.The 2er has the wider track of new possibilities to support: The loaded, ie outside rear wheel can be pressed with significantly greater leverage on the asphalt, which makes either stabilized or faster cornering. The M235i makes in every sense of fun and the front wheels, BMW, thanks to the rear-wheel drive already at an advantage, are better able to concentrate on what their task of directing.

Rarely you drive such a fast car on a race track without that shows a hint of understeer. When the rubber tire loses traction, then do not rub the front wheels helplessly on the asphalt, but the stern slips completely maintained with an announcement piece to the side and helps the whole car going really to master the curve.

The outbreak is neither surprising nor too fast (a consequence of precisely designed in the ratio 50:50 axle load distribution), it can easily be mastered with counter steering, and in sport plus mode goes anyway still DSC as a last reserve with.

In short, the M235i is a sophisticated compact sports car succeeded the fun in every sense: when watching, while placing setting (close, but not too tight cut), when listening to the carefully composed six-cylinder sounds during acceleration (4.8 seconds from zero to 100, 250 km / h) and do not most recently at the curve robbers.

The Convertible drags a lot of weight

Whether that, anything goes with 220d or 220i, which also are in the price list today as well? Probably not, but the standard versions can be had with each having 184 hp naturally lighter. The M235i is from 1 March at not cost under 43,750 euros, while it starts with the 220i starting at 29,960 euros (220i).

If you want to enter the same price on the upper level, but go casual, can draw for the spring season and the new 4 Cabriolet into consideration. It is natural as Sedan, Touring and GT, a 3-variant, but like with the coupe a digit is now being counted in a convertible.

Who expects an especially sporty appearance, but is slightly disappointed: The open 4-weighs tight 220 kg more than the coupe version, and this excess weight you notice him even to when the model is called 435i (again stood only the strongest version of the Drive ready).

The six-cylinder, fitted here with 306 hp, has to put even more to the wheel to bring the Cabriolet in momentum. Better, you can load the roll easy and enjoying the nice weather. Then it would do also the 420d, which then costs only 46,560 and not 54,000 euros.

The roof now opens while driving

Like its predecessor, BMW continues to rely on the metal folding roof. Driving dynamics is not the pure doctrine, because quite a lot of weight very far on top – mainly because the roof is in three parts and a complex linkage needs to be moved.

The advantage lies in the optics: Closed What is the 4-convertible like a classic BMW coupe, beautiful rear with straight cuffs. The certain Pummeligkeit that is many retractable roof convertibles in the buttocks area intrinsically, the BMW is completely absent, it is open or closed, get slim and very beautiful to look at.

What is new is that the roof can now be opened and closed while driving, but only at speeds up to 18 km / h In addition, they have invented a further movement function at BMW: If the three-piece roof has disappeared in the trunk, naturally is not much volume for luggage is available, there are exactly 220 instead of 370 liters. To be able to come near better suit this narrow cave, can be push of a button, the whole roof by almost half a meter lift.