bmw oled lightsThe big surprise of BMW for CES 2015 is the BMW M4 Iconic Lights. This prototype based on the new BMW M4 represents a revolution to install a new evolution of laser illumination technology for headlights, accompanying these by new lenses for the rear lights from technology OLED . BMW is ready to return to take his spot this new battle to be the first to bring to market the technology OLED , confirming that the optical OLED come to an end sometime in 2016.

Laser and OLED : the future of lighting in BMW

The BMW M4 Iconic Lights assumes all qualitative in both lighting systems jump , and also the aesthetic aspect, this BMW offers a far superior to any current lighting system based on performance Xenon or LED . The lighting control is one of the points where BMW claims to have gone a step further with respect to the optional laser beam premiered the first time by the BMW i8. The automatic control is effected by positioning GPS , determining in real time how adjust the projection headlights to the road conditions.

bmw oled light range
The projection system has been developed to maintain the maximum time a range up to 600 meters , modifying the projection according to information collected by GPS or the surrounding traffic to avoid glare. In addition, this system lights up to 100 meters on the sides through the cornering function , which implies a much larger area of recognition of existing systems that offer guided projection.
bmw oled tail lightsAlthough laser light is a novelty, the real revolution of this concept is the use of technology OLED . This technology uses organic light emitting diodes that react to an electrical impulse. The advantage in using this technology is in the independent control of each diode , which allows making impossible designs not needing a shared illumination source is true the screens LCD or LED . Their commercial breakthrough could come from the hands of BMW 7 Series , offering a new way of interpreting the design thanks to the possibilities offered by technology OLED .