2016 BMW M2 lease deal

2016 BMW M2 Priced at $53,245

Lease Deal

$25,00 Due at Signing

3 Year/36 Month Lease – 36,000 Total Miles. A security deposit is required on lease transactions and an extra charge may be imposed at the end of the lease term. Not all terms and leasing options are available in all areas. Not all customers will qualify for the lowest rates.

Financing Special
2.97% APR

for 60 Months 

$4999 down payment. Actual rates, down payment, and other credit terms may vary based upon model, state selected,creditworthiness and other factors. Not all customers will qualify for the lowest rates.

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BMW M2 Test Report
Powerful, passionate and raw are all terms to describe the new BMW M2 coupe. This is the car for the young top gun driver. While the BMW M3 has become large and expensive, the M2 is one of the most refreshing BMW innovations since the 1-Series M Coupe back in 2011; which almost overnight sold out. The M235i is currently one of the most successful models. The trophy for the best M3 – Protests are accepted humbly – hits the E46. The first two M3 generations had charm and merits, but what came after, Overkill was in the form of a size too big V8 and the Praise-is-what-hard-makes-M4 . That of 2000 until 2006 built E46 we hand as strong as an ox and supple, brawny and entertaining the guests.
The spirit of this 343 -hp M3 celebrating now in BMW M2 a decent comeback. Other sources of inspiration greet the brutal 2002 Turbo and the latent nervous ones M Coupé . Like the E46 is officially not limited and the M2. But if BMW wants to build more cars than calculated with 16 000 pieces, one would have to expand the capacity and acquire new tools. In other words, if you want to play it safe, you should consider purchasing a timely manner. Prices start at $51,700.
Under the hood the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder engine develops 365 horsepower and 343 lb-ft. of torque and can accelerate from 0-60 MPG in 4.1 seconds. he DCT version reserved are the Launch Control, the short automatic disengagement in case of imminent oversteer which creep for parking maneuvers and the arg pubertal Smokey burnout function. But rather take the six-speed manual switch? Actually, yes, although it is for the sprint from 0 to 60 MPH takes 4.3 instead of 4.1 takes seconds, and even though the electronics are unasked declutching when downshifting in position sport. That’s what happens when the marketing determines what is driving pleasure.
Technically, the M2 is actually a too hot washed M3. Because the steering, the front axle and the rear axle, together with the electronically controlled limited slip differential have taken over from the big brother the developer. The three-liter six-cylinder have at least the same capacity, even if the Benjamin at the end is missing 15 percent power.
The coupé body designers had to inflate properly, so that the technology at all fit under the Sport Dress. The result is a design that just exudes power. The nostrils are widely distended like a racehorse in the photo finish and the fenders over the thick frosted 19-inch models have been exhibited so far, as would rupture the sheet equal.

Where he the art of the big brothers borrows, he has his genes from a completely different model. Because basically the M2 is the legitimate grandson of the 2002 Turbo. Just as then, it is a steam hammer, the one not using sophisticated switching programs or dozens of different must come characteristics.
Where the other M models have a whole keyboard of buttons on the center console, are available for the M2 therefore only a normal “driving experience switch,” in which the three driving modes are of course further spread slightly. Who wants, can bludgeon the six gears by hand through the close-ratio gearbox. And not only because it saves weight, but also because it is simply more authentic, the developers have dispensed as possible to as much insulation.
Thus the project for BMW expects, there are only four colors and a – however almost complete – unit equipped with sports seats, leather upholstery, large Navi, 19-inch wheels and Xenon headlights. The most important extra is the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. From because automatic: First, the driver can choose between six transmission programs may choose and then he needs to do well in terms of overall coordination between Comfort, Sport and Sport + decide.
t high speed, the M2 acts clearly directionally stable than the fidgety ones M Coupé. At the same time shorter compared to the M4 wheelbase brings noticeably more life into the movement around the vertical axis. This agility also determines the spontaneous yet predictable self-steering behavior Unlike the harder coordinated and M4 little brother precipitated by binding motion. The relent shows slightly less sharpness, the reactions in the border area are progressive, the non-adjustable spring-damper tuning has retained some residual comfort, the dynamic balance is right down to the decimal place.
Weaknesses? The rear legroom is a joke that verschlimmbesserten M instruments are difficult to read, the material quality in the interior does not match the standard of the brand. That ceramic brakes, four-wheel drive, carbon roof and more assistance systems are missing in the equipment list, disturbs us less than the absence of head-up display and adaptive LED headlights.
In M2 learn even old hands driving new. Not give in too early, regulate the flow of torque wisely, do not turn into the low gears up to the limiter, always nice to take the momentum. Late braking is okay, but you should open the steering betimes and the Coupé always be enough room for the illustrious four set out Liability, lateral acceleration, direction and torque. The soundscape ranges be distribute with itself in the Pure Adrenalin up of indifferent to angry, from.
What speaks against it, to appoint a M2? Not much. Except maybe the still secret M2 CS, which in about three years could inherit the 370-hp variant as a kind of overachiever, not unlike the M3 CSL the E46. With more than 400 hp of CS plays naturally in terms of performance and price in a different league. You will probably have it limit and thus provide a further object of speculation, which fades in the halls wealthy collectors. So but the M2 – or start looking for a copy of the best M3, the ever.
Passionate, powerful and a bit rude – the M2 so follows the old ideal of the 2002 Turbo and are in the current model range the young guns. He is one of the most refreshing BMW novelties of recent years and basically even a peace offering to the fraction of the do-gooders. For if fast and athletic, but then please in a small and light car and not in a PS-tanks such as the M6.
That we noticed: The M2 is an honest, that makes no false promises. He owes The low weight inexpensive lightweight details, but the waiver of lush insulation. That so sometimes other function noises penetrate beside the roar of the engine into the interior, is intentional. Roughness is principle.

Not even the carbon fiber imitations on the brackets are painted, the seats must be adjusted by hand and place knob salad there on the center tunnel, only the driving experience switch, the can be adjusted the driving program. PS purists can order the force Meier with a conventional manual gearbox, whose bony knob through the narrow alley.
But just because he’s so naturally makes the M2 addictive. There is probably no other BMW, the so radically changes direction in accordance with forced pace, like this one. With a firm hand to reach for thick steering wheel, throwing the car around and immediately feel how the heck is easy and pushes outward. Thanks to the electronic differential lock the car slips readily through the tires, then when you want to know where it goes, you have to look through the side window. Countersteering, build with the accelerator grip, set the M2 straight, and you’re going with a “hurray” in the next turn.