bmw i3 self parkingThe BMW i3 has a $1000 add-on option called the Parking Assistant Package. This includes a Rear View Back-up Camera, Rear Park Distance Control Sensor, and the Park Assist. The real value here is the Park Assistant which can automatically park in a parking space. With past BMW models the driver must be actively operating the brake and gas pedals. But with the new BMW i3, the electric car now offers fully automated parking.
Fast Forward to the 55 Second Mark

At the electronics show CES in Las Vegas BMW announced this new technology on the i3, the first model receives an advanced parking assistant, who also give gas next to the steering and braking takes over. At speeds up to 35 km / h assistance system searches on the roadside after parking spaces and starts with the parking operation as soon as the driver has selected the final pitch.

bmw park assist

Is controlled and the operation of ultrasonic sensors on the front, rear and side parking spaces have to at least 55 inches longer than the vehicle be. Also between forward and reverse gear, the wizard automatically changes and enabled after exiting the parking process the park mode. The driver can abort by pressing a button, the parking any time, also will stop automatically if suddenly appearing obstacles – such as pedestrians – emerge.

So far, BMW has confirmed the proper function of the new parking assistant for parallel parking spaces located to the roadway. In addition to the i3 future are also other models can be ordered from BMW with the innovative technology.