bmw i remote 1When you live an electric vehicle lifestyle, you want to be in control. With the BMW I Remote app there are many different ways you can control and monitor your BMW i3 or i8 just by using your smart phone.

bmw i remote 3Both terminal using Android and iOS using the system is available for free the “i BMW Remote” app. In the accompanying video show the functioning of the application and functions that can be performed from a computer (via the web ). With this application the user will always know the range available and the level of charge. You can also view notifications about the status of the vehicle, for example, when the water level is low or when there are pending revisions.

With the “BMW i Remote” application you can open or close the vehicle (in addition to know if the doors or the trunk open, connected lights or lowered crystals), giving a burst of lights, sound the horn, locate our car and show a route to it.
From the computer or from the application itself, you may find a point load and get information like hours or connector type available. These stations can be sent to the browser ‘Professional’ vehicle. You can also create routes and send them to i3.
Using the application you can schedule a tee time (allowing climate change or have the battery charged). Another option is to activate a function that adjusts the load adjusting to a schedule (for example, a night cheaper rate). These operations can also be performed from a computer or from the car itself.
Finally, “i BMW Remote” is responsible for indicating to the driver how to adapt your driving style, so that it is as efficient as possible, another option is to see the level of efficiency in the last trip or access tutorials on the issue efficiency. This data is stored for the user to check the level of efficiency in the utility vehicle and compare them (anonymously) with other drivers.
bmw i remote 2