bmw-head-up-display-warningWith the BMW Head-Up Display or HUD for short, an information-rich augmented reality through windshield. Augmented reality is a utility very fashionable nowadays in various automobile applications. The idea is to project a multitude of information that includes: vehicle speed, night vision, and upcoming problems in real time directly into your line-of-sight. BMW has decided to apply this concept to conventional windshield of our vehicle. Thus, our windshield would become a large screen capable of offering data beyond traditional systems HUD (Head Up Display).

Imagine for a moment, that the trajectory line that is drawn in many driving simulators can extrapolate reality. For example, in a two-way road and poor visibility due to lack of lighting, our windscreen may be able to show us the way to go at all times evaluate any circumstances that exist or could exist.

What is really important about this new idea, not showy resulting system or facilities posing for the driver. The usefulness of the system is the ability to assess and identify objects and possible adverse situations . Thus, for a possible lack of distance to the vehicle ahead, the system would be able to notifying by projection distance and in different shades depending on the severity, preparing all the security systems for a possible collision unless we reduce the distance.

There are several ideas on how to bring this technology to final production. The three options in this draft BMW are actual screen that will act as the windshield , some glasses that are able to display all the information possible, and a sheet over conventional windshield where all images will be projected.

Except the last of the ideas, any other possible system that limit or eliminate direct contact through the windshield seems totally unworkable. Just add a plus to the image information before us seems a success. This is the goal of augmented reality and hence its success, but virtualize image strikes me as totally science fiction.

Anyway this project BMWtan only intended to show possible solutions in the future beyond the short term. From BMW claim that there are still many aspects to polish such as real capacity analysis of the different systems. Although technology advances dramatically, their ability to perceive, assess and react to many situations is still some lack of shooting.