summer car deals

Summer is here and let the war for business begin. There are some great deals to be had right now if you are looking for a new car. After the big 4th of July rush there are still many car companies offering wonderful deals throughout the summer. Many of these sales are mid-season clearance events that look to clear out the old inventory and make room for the incoming 2015 models. This is a great benefit for the consumer here with big bonus cash offers and low APR Financing incentives. And with over 15 different manufacturers offering some sort of summer sales event; there is certainly something for everyone. Scroll down to see the highlights of each event.

Summer of Audi

audi summer event luxury suvs

  • Low Lease Rates : Leases start at $269 with the 1st months payment being covered and $0 Security Deposit
  • Low Financing Rates: Get 1.9% Financing on any new Audi luxury car or SUV
  • Incentives: Get Owner Loyalty Rebates, New Customer Rebates, and Cash back incentive on packages
  • CPO Deals: Get low APR Financing and great discounts on certified used vehicle

The Summer of Audi Event is has great offers that are low enough o compete will all the other makes. The Low Lease Rates are probably the highlight of this event. There is 1.9% Financing. Something unique to this event is the CPO incentives that are also available.

Cadillac Summer’s Best Event

cadillac summers best lineup

  • $3000 Cash Allowance: Cadillac is offering a Summer’s Best Bonus Incentive up to $3000.
  • Great Lease Deals with Incentives: Check out the low lease rates and the $1000 Lease Bonus Cash
  • 0% APR Financing Rate: Get 0% APR Financing for 60 Months on a new Cadillac
  • Free Service and Maintenance: Free Cadillac Premium Car Maintenance 4-years/50k miles

At the Cadillac Summers’s Best Sales Event you can get a great deal on a fantastic looking luxury car. Every vehicle is up for lease including the new redesign Escalade and the 556-HP CTS-V. The major STANDOUT is the $3000 Summer Bonus Cash back on the purchase of a new ATS. You can get 0% financing too! There are lease incentives and Free Service Deals.

Chevy Summer Drive

chevy summer drive sales event button

  • Financing: 0% APR Financing for up to 72 months on select Chevy Trucks
  • Bonus Cash: Get up to $3,250 Summer Drive Discount on select trucks and up to $2,000 off select Chevy sedans and SUVs.
  • Affordable Leases: Find special lease deals with low monthly payments, $0 security deposit and 36,000 miles included.
  • Factory Incentives: Don’t make a payment for 90 days. Also, discount up to $750 for options on select trucks. USAA members take an extra $750 off.

This is the big time savings right here at the Chevy Summer Sales Event. ZERO APR which is fantastic plus tons of discount bonus cash offers that can be combined. There are lots of great incentives and lease deals on the Silverado Truck.

Chrysler Summer Clearance

summer clearance flag

  • BIG Cash Allowance: Up to $4250 Cash Back with the Bonus Cash and Consumer Cash Combined
  • 0% APR and $1000:  Get 0% APR for up to 72 months/6 years and a $1000 Cash Allowance
  • Great Lease Offers: Lease start at under $200 for the all new Chrysler 200.

The Chrysler Summer Clearance is part of a large push from the automaker brand that includes Jeep, RAM, and Dodge. The keypoints here are the 0% Financing plus $1000 Bonus Cash. You can get up to $4250 back when combining multiple rebates and incentives. The all new Chrysler 200 can be leased for only $199.

Dodge Summer Clearance

summer clearance event banner

  • BIG Cash Allowance: Up to $3500 Cash Back with the Bonus Cash and Consumer Cash Combined.
  • 0% APR and $1000:  Get 0% APR for up to 72 months/6 years and a $1000 Cash Allowance.
  • Great Lease Offers: Lease start at under $150 for the all new Dodge Dart.
  • 90 Day No Payments: Make no payments for 90 Days when Financed

With the Dodge Summer Clearance (Part of the Chrysler Group) you can save on some wonderful vehicles including the Challenger and Charger muscle cars, the Durango SUV, and the fuel efficient Dart. Leases start at $150. Dodge is offering a couple of cool bonus for those financing. YOu not only get 0% but you get $1000 Bonus Cash and NO PAyments for 90-Days. It you have financing elsewhere or enough cash, you can get $3500 off.

Ford Summer Sales Event

ford summer sales event banner

  • 0% APR Financing: Get 0% APR for up to 60 months plus a $1500 Bonus Cash Incentive
  • Low Lease Rate: Affordable lease rates as low as $139 per month.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Offers: Get 1.9% APR Financing on any CPO Ford in stock.
  • Tons More incentives: More great incentives like Conquest, Loyalty, Trade-In and Consumer Cash

Ford is blowing the doors off the place with the Summer Sales Event. There are offers on both new and used vehicles. You can get 0% financing and bonus cash. The Incentives are numerous and you can combine things like Bonus Cash, Conquest/Loyalty Incentives, and Customer Rebates. Lease practically any Ford Car, Truck, SUV, Hybrid, or Electric car. Check those out on the sales event page. Finally you can buy a CPO vehicle and get a low 1.9% APR rate. And remember the MUSTANG and F-150 are ready for you.

Honda Summer Clearance

honda summer clearance event

  • 0% APR : Get 0.9 APR Financing for up to 36 months or 1.9% APR for 60 months.
  • ZERO Down Lease: Get a great lease with $0 down at lease signing.
  • $500 College Grad Bonus: Get a $500 Incentive if you are a recent College Grad.
  • $500 Military Bonus:  Get a $500 Incentive if you are an Active Duty Military member.

Compared to some of the other sales events, the Honda Summer Clearance really does not have too much that is unique from what they offer year round. The best part is the low 0.9% APR Financing. You can also get $0 down leases but that monthly rates are higher than is you make a downpayment.

Jeep 4th of July Event

4th of july sales event

  • No Monthly Payments 90-Days: Jeep wants you to enjoy the summer with a 90-Day Deferral Program.
  • 0% APR Financing: Get a 0% APR Financing Rate for 36 months.
  • Cheap Lease Rates: Lease Rates starting at $159.
  • $2000 Cash Allowance: Get up to $2000 Bonus Cash by combining multiple incentives and rebates.

Jeep has a bunch of affordable 4×4 SUVs that not only look good but come with fuel efficient engines. This Sales Event is centered around a 90-Day no payments specials. The financing rate is 0% and there is an Independence Day Bonus Cash offer.

Kia Sign It and Drive It

kia sign it and drive it sales event main

  • Low APR Financing: Get 0.9% – 1.9% APR for up to 36 months.
  • Tons of Bonus Cash: Get Student, Graduate, Military, Conquest, and Loyalty incentives.
  • Cheap Lease Rates: Leases as low as $169 with only $2k down.
  • $1250 KMA Finance Cash: Get another $1250 off by financing through Kia Motors America.

With the Kia Sign & Drive Sales Event you get a ton of great cash back incentives. Kia has practically every type under the sun including a loyalty incentive if you currently own a kia, a conquest incentive is you own a competing brand, a military, student, College Grad rebate and more. There are low financing deals and tons of affordable lease rates.

Lexus Golden Opportunity

lexus golden opportunity sales banner

  • 0.9% Financing: Get 0.9 % APR Financing for 60 months when financed through Lexus Financial Services.
  • Complimentary 1st Month’s Payment: Lexus will pay your first month car payment up to $700
  • Great Lease Deals: There are tons of great lease offers on almost every Lexus model.
  • Additional Incentives: Lexus also offers a College Grad and a Military Program Incentive.

With the Lexus Golden Opportunity you get the chance to drive one of the hottest luxury cars around. The new design direction have made these cars irresistable to most. Get the lowest financing rate of the year plus have your first month’s payment made by Lexus.

Lincoln Summer Invitation

lincoln summer invitation ad banner

  • 0% APR Financing: 0% APR Financing for up to 60 months
  • Bonus Cash Offers: $2,000 Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash or $1,000 Owner Loyalty Incentive
  • Lease a Luxury Car: Great lease deals on any luxury car or SUV.
  • $750 Police and Military Incentive: Police and Military Association Program

The Lincoln Summer Invitation Event is great! This is a very up and coming American luxury brand with maybe the sexiest cars around. This summer event offers things like 0% APR plus some great incentives if you already own a similar car or if you are a current Lincoln or Ford owner.

Mercedes Summer Sales Event


  • Low Lease Rates: Fantastic lease rates as low as $329 per month.
  • Low APR Financing Rates: 2.99% APR for 24-72 months
  • Bonus Incentives: Military Rebate, Fleet Incentives and more.
  • Tons of Models:Get a Deal on a Variety of Luxury Cars, SUVs, and Convertibles

Dreaming about owning one of the best Luxury Cars in the World? The Mercedes-Benz Summer Sales Event has very affordable lease rates as low as $329! If you are looking to purchase there 2.99% APR Financing is a good offer. Plus you can tack on other Bonus Incentives like the Military or College Grad Rebates. And practically every model from the E-Class line of luxury sedans, to the SL-Class Convertible, to the ML-Class SUV.

Volkswagen Turbocharged Event

Volkswagen Turbocharged Sales Event

  • 0.9% APR Financing: Get 0.9% APR for up to 60 months any new VW when financed through Volkswagen Credit.
  • $1000 Reward Card: Get a $1000 Master Card when you purchase or lease.
  • Low Lease Rates: Great lease offers starting at $199
  • No Charge Inspections: Get a free multi-point car inspection

With the Volkswagen Turbocharged Sales Event you can save on any turbo-powered car in the line-up. Volkswagen is know for their fuel efficient turbo-diesel powerplants that get over 45 MPG. Buy one this summer and get a $1000 Reward Card. Other offers include 0.9% APR Financing and a bunch of great leases.

Volvo Wonder of Summer

volvo wonder of summer sales event v60 back

    • 5 years Free Maintenance: During this event Volvo is offering 5-years free enrollment into the Safe+Secure Plan.
    • First Month’s Payment on Volvo: Volvo will make your first month’s lease or finance payment on any new model.
    • Great Lease Deals: Leases as low as $319 per month.
    • Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash: Get up to $1000 in Owner Loyalty Cash or a Conquest Incentive.

Volvo is a great luxury brand is you want something a bit different than the everyday BMW or Mercedes. This Wonder of Summer Sales Event has a bunch of great points. The first being free maintenance for 5 years! The second is the fact Volvo will make you first months payment. Then you have a bunch of bonus cash incentives like Conquest and Loyalty rebates. Finally there are a ton of great lease offers.