#5 Ford Focus EV

Kicking things off is the Focus EV which easily gets over 100 MPGe with a Range of 75 miles. What gets the Focus on this list is the ridiculously low lease price and the fact that his little hatchback was recently redesigned and looks fantastic on the outside. In fact there is no really easy distinction between the EV and the regular car from the outside. The 143 horsepower is plenty.

#4 Honda Fit EV

Honda has been on the cutting edge of tech dating back to the old school Insight. The Fit EV is very economical at 118 MPGe combined with a range of over 80 miles. The Fit makes this list due to its low price and useful design. The 123 horsepower may be a bit low but the Fit EV is still agile and nimble.

#3 FIAT 500

The FIAT 500e has a style all its own. This peppy little car gets 108 MPGe with a range of 85 miles per charge. The lease rate is low and the charm is very high with this cool little European sub-compact.

#2 Chevy Spark EV

Know this about the Spark EV, this little car has a ton of torque. The 400 lb-ft. of torque available instantly gives the passengers quite a thrill. Range is 82 miles while the power is 130 HP but its that torque that will get you off the line. This is one of the best Electric Cars on the market today.

#1 BMW i3

The future is here with the i3. This electric car is so revolutionary and unique that it may just turn the automotive world on its head. The doors open suicide style, the entire passenger compartment is made from carbon fiber, and you can opt for a range extender version which packs a small motor cycle engine for those with range anxiety. The i3 has 170 horsepower, gets 117 MPG, and has a range of 70 miles or so.

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Who’s Missing

The Nissan Leaf is noticeably missing from this list. While the Leaf is a great all around EV with a low price, the looks and blandness keep if off this list. The smart ForTwo misses the list because its UGLY as is the Mitsubishi i-MiEV which is often out of production. Also gone off this list is the Toyota RAV4 because it may not be offered anymore.