BMW i3 Samsung Watch Application

bmw i3 samsung watch appThe connected watch enters the car. Samsung has unveiled a BMW i3 app for its Galaxy Gear. Its purpose: to display information on the vehicles and control some functions of the vehicle. Pressure on the watch and hop, the AC is set. Samsung wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of its Galaxy Gear at CES in Las Vegas and had it for a number of applications that can be remembered. Connected the watch was presented with an application for bikes Trek Online, Kidrobot toys and a third for communicating with the BMW i3. It looks like a simplified reproduction of the application Remote BMW i, which it also uses the name.

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Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control

mercedes active body control technologyThe Active Body Control Suspension Technology puts you always on the same level in all driving situations. With Active Body Control (ABC) Mercedes-Benz has developed an active electro-hydraulic suspension system that adjusts the suspension to within split seconds of each driving situation.  Track and line stability even in extreme driving situations is to guarantee a chassis. Professionals assess ABC as the most highest quality suspension system on the market, because the permanent further developed by Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control with crosswind stabilization allows maximum driving dynamics without sacrificing comfort thanks to the combination of active and passive damping suspension.

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Honda Earth Dreams Sport Hybrid Engines

Honda Earth Dreams engineHonda is a company that defines itself like BMW very strongly when it comes to efficient drive train technology. Ten years ago you could still use the term motor technology, but it falls short in times of increasing hybridization. Hybrid drives can only work when the combustion engine, electric motor, and the transmission work in harmony. Not to mention the electronics and the car’s engine management system. The Primus in hybrid drive is currently unique to Toyota – but now also there are big plans at Honda with the Earth Dreams line of engines. The Japanese have three new hybrid drives in the pipeline, which furthermore differ significantly.

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Mercedes BlueTEC Diesel Engines

mercedes-bluetec-motorMercedes has a line of diesel engines called BlueTEC. This is the name used since an aqueous solution of urea is injected into the exhaust gases causing less pollution. (which first showed in 2002, prototypes Vision GL 420 BLUETEC and Vision C 220 Bluetec ) . This is not done to improve performance or consumption, but to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx), which is required in the Euro 6 emissions regulations that take effect in September 2014 (see table under this paragraph ) almost equaling that of gasoline (the limit currently allowed is three times higher for diesel). When spraying the urea in the exhaust gases is converted into ammonia (NH 3 ) that subsequently is cleaved in nitrogen (N 2 ) and water (H 2 O) in the SCR catalyst (up to 80 percent).

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Audi Adaptive Lighting

audi adaptive lightingAudi’s Adaptive Lighting makes for a particularly broad illumination of the roadway and their borders in curves, intersections and driveways, thus facilitating the anticipatory driving in the dark. The dynamic cornering light to detect movement of the steering wheel to the road. The headlights swivel – depending on steering angle – in the light curve and the curve of this variable. The adaptive light system operates at speeds of around 10 km / h to 110 km / h.
Note: only available in conjunction with xenon plus.

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What is MDS Fuel Saver Technology?

cylinder deactivation ram hemiMDS Fuel Saver Technology is RAM’s name for cylinder deactivation/active fuel management. Available for Ram 1500 with MDS Fuel Saver Technology, seamlessly transforming this mighty V8 into a fuel-sipping four-cylinder that generates 390 hp and 407 lb-ft torque, […]

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What is Acura Total Luxury Care?

acura careTotal Luxury Care (TLC)

Acura’s commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the delivery of a world-class vehicle. As an Acura owner, you’ll enjloy an array of services, like the Acura Concierge, for 24-hour weathering information, insurance claims assistance or to help you plan a trip; Trip-Interruption benefits like alternative transportation, lodiging and meals; and a 24-hour Roadside Assistance program.

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Felino CB7 Sports Car from Canada

felino-cb7With its cartoony curves, this exuberant GT is reminiscent of ground breaking cars like the Zonda and Veyron. The CB7 displays a balance body composed of an alloy of fiberglass and carbon. A powerful Chevrolet Corvette V-8 develops a generous 525 horsepower. Serious firepower allows a 0-60 MPH run of 3.5 seconds. As for braking, the supercar comes with four discs of 355 mm diameter, and can be optionally equipped with ceramic brakes. engineers at Felino also announced having reached a perfect balance of masses 50% front and 50 % rear. Nothing seems to miss the CB7, announced at a price “less than one hundred thousand dollars,” to face the cream of the current GT. If these are the credibility and viability of a famous shield.

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Bikini Car Wash Coupon

bikini carwash coupon

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Mercedes M-Class Off Road Package

Mercedes Benz M Klasse Kitzbühel Fahrveranstaltung 2011The optional Mercedes M-Class Off-Road package adds a control with six programs running – an automatic, two special off-road and three programs for road (sports, snow and trailer) – reducing connectable via a button, locking center coupling, various protections for bass and an extra level of air suspension height (this package is only possible with the suspension). Furthermore, the dash display shows a picture with information about the degrees of steering angle, the orientation of the wheels, suspension travel, the level selected for body height, tilt and lateral and longitudinal central coupling adjustment. Regarding the package ‘Offroad Pro “of the previous M-Class, you lose the rear differential lock.

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