What is Ford Active Park Assist?

ford active-park-assistFord shows the latest evolution of technology Active Park Assist parking assistance boasting an interesting option: park your car without being in it. The reflection which encourages us Ford is simply to take another step in the evolution of parking assistance systems to suck the driver from having to stay in the driver’s seat if the technology is now able to dispense altogether with its government.

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Mercedes SL 2LOOK Edition

Mercedes SL 2LOOK Edition exteriorWith sporty edition models Mercedes-Benz will start in the upcoming Roadster spring. The SL 2LOOK Edition offers open-air enjoyment to a high level. With visually striking sharpened exterior and high quality interior, this car benefits from looking better all around. You will be able to order these packages soon.

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What is Land Rover InControl?

land rover incontol remoteThe Land Rover InContorl System combines your mobile device with the Vehicle’s WiFi that turns your phone into a Remote Control. The Smart Phone app controls a handful of the vehicles features, acts as an anti-theft device, and can automatically call for assistance. The brand new Land Rover InControl connected car system, available as an option, incorporates two new features – InControl Remote and InControl Secure.

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Coolest Rides at Mecum Auto Auction Houston

Amongst the myriad of mind-boggling selections that are set to rev the hearts of car enthusiasts at the Mecum Houston auction, a handful stand out for one reason or another. From the pulse-quickening sexiness of the Corvette to the nostalgia-evoking lines of the DeTomaso Pantera GTS, it seems Mecum is indeed putting the “sports” back in “classic sports cars.”

2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 LingenfelterOn Lot F190 is a stunning 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Lingenfelter boasting 750 horsepower with the rare LPE Package and six-speed transmission. The Lingenfelter enhancements boost horsepower numbers from 638 to the aforementioned stump-tugging 750, while other Lingenfelter touches include CNC porting and polishing of the LS9 cylinder heads, multi-angle valve job with cc chambers and GT0 camshaft.

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Chevy LT1 Engine Technology from the C7 Corvette Stingray

chevy corvette stingray lt1 v8 engineWith improvements in performance and efficiency, Chevy’s LT1 engine is the most powerful and economic engine ever put into a mass production vehicle. The new Corvette Stingray C7 has been out for a while now and the details on the new ultra-powerful LT1 engine show that this old V-8 engine design is actually one of the most high-tech and powerful engines ever put into a production car. The LT1 engine packs some serious power with over 450 horsepower and the ability top run from 0-60 MPH in under 4 seconds. But it’s not just about power though as Chevy has updated the LT1 with modern technology like gasoline direct injection, cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing for better fuel economy. In fact the Stingray can net 29 MPG on the highway.

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Audi Wi-Fi HotSpot

audi wifiAudi calls its flagship Audi A8, the world’s first vehicle with an active Wi-Fi hotspot for wireless Internet access on board. With up to eight terminal devices such as laptop, Apple iPad or netbook to front and rear passengers can connect simultaneously via the integrated into the vehicle WLAN module and via UMTS to the Internet. The system is part of the standard MMI Navigation Plus Package.

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BMW Head-Up Display (HUD)

bmw-head-up-display-warningWith the BMW Head-Up Display or HUD for short, an information-rich augmented reality through windshield. Augmented reality is a utility very fashionable nowadays in various automobile applications. The idea is to project a multitude of information that includes: vehicle speed, night vision, and upcoming problems in real time directly into your line-of-sight. BMW has decided to apply this concept to conventional windshield of our vehicle. Thus, our windshield would become a large screen capable of offering data beyond traditional systems HUD (Head Up Display).

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Volvo Sensus Connected Touch

Volvo Sensus Connected Touch screenGet your Volvo Connected and Online! The Volvo Sensus Connected Touch system enjoys a pleasant and easy to use interface, especially on those models equipped with a 5” or 7” touch screen. A high-end vehicle like the Volvo S80 or V60 demanded a system of this kind. Keep in mind that Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, among others, already have very advanced entertainment and navigation systems and today is essential to offer a product with these features to your customers.

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BMW i3 Parking Assist Technology

bmw i3 self parkingThe BMW i3 has a $1000 add-on option called the Parking Assistant Package. This includes a Rear View Back-up Camera, Rear Park Distance Control Sensor, and the Park Assist. The real value here is the Park Assistant which can automatically park in a parking space. With past BMW models the driver must be actively operating the brake and gas pedals. But with the new BMW i3, the electric car now offers fully automated parking.

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Honda City Brake Assist System

honda ctbaThere are been luxury manufacturers to offer an automatic braking system, now Honda offers something similar on some of its models, a system of emergency braking town called CTBA (City Brake Assist System). The Japanese automaker wants to go further and announced the development of a system of emergency braking to slow or even stop the car to avoid collision with a pedestrian, even if it rolled up 30 MPH. This equipment will be built on the new Legend, expected in Japan during the year, and then gradually extended to other models in the range in the world.

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