season of audi sales event mainThis Audi event offers something for everyone and includes Lease, Incentive, and Financing Special Offers. The big news that Audi wants you to know is that more and more luxury car owners are leaving BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes and instead landing at Audi dealers around the country. As an incentive to get new customers in the door that Season of Audi Sales event offers to Waive the security deposit and pay the first month’s payment for those leasing a new Audi vehicle including a TDI model. For those who already own an Audi and want to purchasing a new Audi car or SUV, there is an Owner Loyalty Incentive that ranges from $750-$3000 depending on the model. As an incentive to the used luxury car buying crowd, Audi is offering 1.9% APR for 60 Months on any Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. And if you are interested in a TDI models, Audi is offering the same 1.9% APR rate on diesel powered cars as well.

Audi Holiday Highlights

  • Up to $4000 Owner Loyalty Cash: Get up to $4000 cash off if you currently own an Audi and Finance through AFS
  • $1,500 New Owner Acquisition Offer: If you are new to Audi then get up to $1500 Cash Back
  • $0 1st Month Payment: First lease payment made by Audi of America
  • Last year’s models Blow-Out: Last years models are being sold with deep discounts

A6 TDI, A7 TDI, and A8 TDI clean diesel models

1.9% APR

First monthly payment covered by Audi of America up to $1,000 on A6 TDI; up to $1,200 on A7 TDI; up to $1,800 on A8 TDI clean diesel models.

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Current Audi Specials

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Season of Audi Lease Details – With this special sales event, Audi agrees to make your fist month’s lease payment on top of waiving the security deposit. So on cars like the Audi A4 or Audi Allroad they will make your first lease payment up to $800 (payment and security deposit). On the Audi A6 the payment ceiling is raised up to $1000. Then raised yet again to $1200 for if you were to lease an A7 sedan. Finally if you lease the top-of-the-line Audi A8, up to $1800 will be paid. First monthly payment covered by Audi of America up to $1,000 on A6 TDI; up to $1,200 on A7 TDI; up to $1,800 on A8 TDI clean diesel models. Those who wish to finance a 2014 model can gets financing rates starting at just 1.9% APR on TDI Clean Diesel Models including the A6, A7, and A8.

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In a bid to beat out the other luxury brands at Christmas time, the Season of Special Offers has already begun. The Season of Audi Event offers unbeatable APR, Lease, and Incentives. First Month’s Payment and Security Deposit Waived. With this season of Audi event, authorized dealers in the U.S. will in essence make your first month’s lease payment and will check the security deposit at the door. Of course this offer does not extend to the whole range of vehicles. Some of the more potent sports cars like the RS 5 and R8 are exempt from the Season of Audi Event. But if you are looking for a great luxury sedan or SUV then this is the perfect opportunity to try an Audi on for size. If you are already an Audi owner the the company wants to reward you with a Owner Loyalty Rebate worth $1000-$300o on the purchase of a new car or $500-$1500 on a lease.

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The Audi News Blog has this to say:
Don’t expect salespeople to be distributing Santa Claus hats at the door. But Audi of America is putting an unprecedented emphasis on getting its dealers and their personnel revved up for “The Season of Audi” promotion that began last week and continues through early 2013.

“Typically we’ve kind of kept things quiet on the showroom floor” during the promotion, Jessica Thor, Manager of Retail Marketing for Audi of America, told Audi Progress.

“But this year we’re having a bigger presence.” Audi is helping dealers, for example, host a breakfast for their employees as a kickoff for the promotion. The brand is providing point-of-sale banners and tent cards, Thor said.
“The Season of Audi” offers special incentives on a variety of 2013 Audi models. And like its premium-segment rivals, Audi is blanketing every significant marketing channel with advertising about the event. So the communications inside the dealership are a logical extension of the campaign.

“We’re extending to inside the dealership the message that the consumer already is getting outside the dealership” via advertising, Thor explained. “And not only are we trying to get dealership employees enthused, but also informed. We’re giving them materials to that they can have a thorough understanding of all the incentives.
“We want dealers and their personnel to get excited about The Season of Audi this year,” Thor said. “The dealership meetings, and the materials on the showroom, are designed so that when a customer walks in the door, they really feel there’s something special going on in the dealership. They’ll know it’s The Season of Audi.”

  • Eligible Models for Security Deposit Waiver: All new model year Audi A3, A4, S4, A6 and A8 (excluding A8 W12), Q5 and Q7
  • Eligible Models for First Month’s Lease Payment Offer: All new model year 2014 Audi A4/Avant, S4, A6 and A8 (excluding A8 W12) (all variants for listed models)

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Eligible Models Lease + Payment Covered

  • Audi A3 Sedan up to $600
  • Audi A4 Avant up to $600
  • Audi S4 up to $800
  • Audi A6 Sedan up to $900
  • Audi A8 (excl. A8 W12) up to $1800

Season of Audi Special Offers

  • 1st payment is paid for by Audi AND Security deposit waived on the lease of any new, unused A4 (excluding S4), allroad, A6 (excluding S6), A7 (excluding S7) and A8 (excluding S8 and W12).**
  • 1.9% APR for 60 months on all Certified pre-owned Audi models***
Qualifying Audi Models Security Deposit Waived? 1st Lease Payment Covered?
A4 (excl. S4) Yes! up to $800!
allroad Yes! up to $800!
A6 (excl. S6) Yes! up to $1,000!
A7 (excl. S7) Yes! up to $1,200!
A8 (excl. S8 & A8 W12) Yes! up to 1,800!