audi rs 7 lease

2015 Audi RS 7 Lease

$11,956 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $104,900

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Here is what you need to know about the Audi RS 7 lease: tons of power (560 HP), ingenious Quattro AWD, good suspension, very good feel, attractive appearance , and a very nice interior. The Audi RS 7 is fast……0-60 MPH in under 4 seconds!

Audi RS 7 European Test Report
Speed is like a drug, used incorrectly terribly dangerous. I personally feel is enough to know that I could if I wanted to because. The acceleration of our test car had to ask a few times to prove, on the basis of a too full motorway I personally am “only” 280-290 km / h. What do you notice? With the optionally available and installed in the test car, RS sports suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control (DRC called) as a board is the vehicle on the road. Some will want to address the lack of comfort or the susceptibility to rutting, but just as the vehicle has to drive. Who misses for comfort at a board with which you go on
If you like it more comfortable, which can indeed switch back to the Comfort mode. I recommend by the way pronounced the dynamics Package Plus. For thus you get for an extra charge of € 11,400, the ceramic brake, the dynamic steering system, the sport differential, the suspension just mentioned and the V / max 305 km / h With a base price of 113,000 is because surely something “more” in there, right? Our car was also fitted the carbon exterior mirror caps in addition to the 4,500-euro carbon styling package (front, flaps, diffuser, air intakes, etc. carbon). This hit 1400 Euros then, however, something about the rigor that I would save myself and prefer to add order the sliding glass roof for 1140 Euro. A must for every Audi RS7 driver should be the RS-Sport exhaust system. Not only because the neighbor on the first glance, this recognizes (black tailpipes instead of gleaming chrome) but also because the damper control provides even more sound if you want it for.
Yes, today everything is at your fingertips. comfortable travel from the coupe you do at the touch of a sports car, with its driving values do not hide behind any kind of sports vehicles must. Trump is the Audi RS7 other vehicles through the trunk. With a volume of 535 liters (folded slightly more than 1300 liters) is there enough space. In the rear, people have up to a height of 1.75 no problems with headroom. The seating position is very good and also the youngest Audi has thought. In addition to rigid stalks available, there is a pinch for the power windows and of course ISO Fixhalterungen. Optionally, there is this also for the passenger seat.
The seats are very well padded, offers ample adjustment possibilities and also the steering wheel can be adjusted axially and vertically. A good seating position I quickly found the view of the instrument cluster accompanied once again the engine Technical superiority and the handle to the gear selector lever promises: Today is a beautiful day!
The view of the head-up display tells me not only driven but also the speed limit and gives me even the driving instructions from the navigation system. Perfect! So I just need to take minimal from the street view, a safety advantage of me quite 1,380 euro value would be (since I would have saved compared to the carbon mirrors even 20 euros).
1200 watts for 6000 euro! Yes, the Bang & Olufsen system in the Audi RS7 also suggests neatly on the budget, but worth it. Alone the gimmick that the two tweeters (?) Is automatically drive out of the dash when starting already a little Show & Shine highlight. Then, when the 15 speakers share the sound, the oppressive bass powerful, then laughs certainly not only excite the driver.
Ecstatic I was also on the 21 “wheels that were finally designed so airy that these freigebeben the view of the brakes. Yes, brakes need air, but I find beautiful brake systems also do not have to hide behind rims. As standard a 19 “brake system in the wave design is installed. Of course, perforated and vented! We had installed a carbon ceramic brake system, visually a blast and if you throw the pack truly an anchor.
The 8-speed automatic is beyond doubt, by the shift paddles, the driver of the head remains in the ring. If he wants to shift down, so he can – the automatic also so quite the sporty driver well supported. Annoying, forgot to test: The lane departure warning and automatic cruise control (cruise control) with follow-up function. Now, even including Stop & Go function (driver demand). Also, the parking assistant of the Audi RS7 can be semi-automatic parallel parking, we have not tested. But I know the day will come where I will be the Audi RS7 goodbye again. You know the one with the addiction, right? Then I look at even the Google Earth feature the Navi again a little more closely, because I really think that’s pretty wicked:
Criticism? I could tell you now that we would not have achieved the NEDC value but almost doubled. And I’m sure that due to the cylinder deactivation can certainly reach the NEDC value if you want, if you will, if you … oh you know what? I do not want to looking for a needle in a haystack. If you want a vehicle for about 150,000 euros (I got me a configured) buys, gets from manufacturers such as Audi (but also the other German manufacturers) a vehicle which is a high quality finish which the claim is more than just adequately and which so can be customized as you would like it. Our Nardo Grey racer has a lot of fun at the beautiful day in Neckarsulm me … and the fun factor can indeed only one judge for yourself, right? Sure, I could now complain that the display does not have a touchscreen, but I have not used. To voice criticism reminds me of this vehicle after about 4-5 hours in the car pretty hard, so I’ll leave it but simple, right?
Similarly good way also have the Audi RS4 Avant and the Audi RS6 Avant cut off from the Audi RS6 future there will be probably no more sedan, but now one has in the Audi quattro the RS7. By the way: Happy Birthday Audi quattro – you are there now for 30 years. Many sporting successes, many successful models I see a great future for sporty models from your home. Thank you also for use in competition with other producers from Germany, without you would really be missing something.
Of course, Jan and I drove the Audi RS7 not alone, the experienced automotive blogger Moritz Nolte has his driving report also already done! Here is an extract: “The new RS7 but also led downright diabolical to beat consistently on the severity. But the acceleration of certainly about two tons and 5.01 meters long is so brilliantly that it leaves one breathless. “And he puts verbally or a scoop (which is a shovel) on it:” When firm foot on the accelerator should have a second later selected the next gear. Responsible for: the exorbitant power of 560 horses, which makes the designed for low gas exchange and four-liter V8 in conjunction with its close ratio gearbox – and the long under full load in the upper speed range. This might be due to a high maximum torque of 700 Newton meters: before the transmission spits out the gears, the electronics takes as likely before the actual shift some power, and thus time away “- you can already see, the Audi RS7 inspired.! In contrast to the technical highlights of the Technical Museum, not long heard the lightweight coupe from Audi quattro but to the “old iron”!