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2015 Audi Q3 Lease

$4375 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 26,250

MSRP $33,495

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Audi Q3 Details
The Audi Q3 is technically closely related with the VW Tiguan. The extent to which the more expensive Audi nevertheless differs from the practical VW, clarifies the practical test of the diesel flagship model.
All love SUVs, the customers as well as the manufacturer. As the registration statistics shows were registered last year in Germany alone, more than 360 000 vehicles, which still refers to the Federal Motor Vehicle Office as well as old-fashioned “SUV”. The plus to the previous year: 22 percent. The manufacturers support this boom by forces, eventually they deserve with this type of vehicle which has a higher than average proportion of private buyers, properly ashes. Two examples: The BMW X1 is technically closely related to the 3 Series Touring. Which has long been expected and will be replaced in a few months by the successor. In the X1 but the amortized technique is sold merrily. Audi makes it similar with its direct competitors X1, although the Ingolstadt arrived later than BMW on this funnel. The Q3 is still considered to be new, although substantial hidden beneath the art of the well-known VW Tiguan. To be sure, Audi strives kinship as small as possible to talk, finally, the Ingolstadt engineers have changed a lot. Whether one also senses that shows the practical test.
VW Tiguan? Visually, the Q3 is a typical Audi: Great BBQ, grim looking, clean lines, sloping C-pillar. Some find that boring now, many still nice. If you look closely, but something in the little VW is Audi SUV: The wheel base of Q3 is comparatively short body overhangs, however, are more voluptuous – like the Tiguan.The interior is not worth the search to compare. Everything here is so Audi as it could be just: High-quality materials, excellent workmanship, clear instruments, an intuitive operating logic and a quieter interior noise always ensure maximum comfort atmosphere. The BMW X1 , which is now also well established noble, the Q3 steals the show in any case. Always a pleasure: The Bose sound system that provides excellent sound. Specifying can also with other extras such as the navigation device that displays Google Earth maps, or the built-in hotspot that multiple Internet -enabled devices allows the Web access at the same time. Several people in Q3? No problem, because the space is surprisingly good. As long as the front flails not giants can also click on the rear seat adults comfortably travel . An example from everyday life: Small family trip to the mountain sled. Grandfather sits behind son beside grandchildren – without even once complain about too little space, because despite the sloping roofline also enough headroom is available. Only when entering and exiting caution because the small door and the far-reaching roof load down almost to abandon themselves to bump your head. And the carriage? Easy place together with the kids skis, the clothes and a big basket of bread time space in the trunk. The holds 460 liters, is pleasant square and very usable even in the height.

With folded rear seat back compartment holds 1365 liters, slightly more than that of the BMW X1, the Audi but still not what makes the transporter. Shows weakness of Q3 namely the variability: A flat load floor is also nil such as a longitudinal adjustment of the rear seats. This may be the Tiguan significantly better.
The Audi Q3 example shows once more how different members of a family but can be: While the compact VW SUV auftrumpft as comfortable and practical all-rounder, emphasizes the finely appointed Q3 standing for the Sport S in SUV. Who should book the adaptive damping, it must not even forgo comfort, because there is then the click of a button. Very good fits of cultured 177-PS TDI in combination with the dual-clutch transmission for Q3. Thus, the 1.7-ton truck can either very quickly, but also move sparingly – just like his closest rival, the BMW X1 20d. The similar goes well, is in practice at the tenth-liter identical fuel consumption and is also priced at a height.