audi a4 lease

2015 Audi A4 Lease

$4452 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $33,800

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Audi A4 Test Report
The Aud A4 lease gets you into the Great German Luxury Brand This entry level sedan offers Unparalleled finish, Classic elegance, tons of standard features, and a fuel efficient turbocharged engine.
At the dawn of a complete overhaul next year, the A4 undergoes only minor changes this year. The most important concerns the 2.0-liter turbo engine which now reaches 220 horsepower, still 20 short of the power of similar engine from BMW. Other improvements mainly affect options that undergo a slight reshuffle in the various packages offered on A4, S4 and Allroad.
The interior presentation of the three versions of the A4 range is an exemplary finish. And although nothing is obsolete on board, some new no harm would because the presentation is also beginning to show its age. Each year, the same observations come back: the driving position is not a problem of adjustment, all features easily operate the fingertips and feel close to perfection. Otherwise, the MMI requires some training, but is very intuitive thereafter. The atmosphere in the cabin can not be described as cozy leather seats provide seating rather firm and most of the materials create a modern and refined atmosphere of any frills.
The A4 sedan compensates this slight hooked an honest handling. All the data sheet shows exemplary mechanical elements that agree to deliver attractive performance without being exceptional. Suspensions are obviously firm but fortunately very communicative road. The electric power steering, despite optimal efficiency, however, is not an incisive precision. This defect is nevertheless brilliantly corrected when the car is equipped with the optional Audi drive select which accentuates the dynamic firming suspensions and burdening the direction with a simple selection using a rotary knob located between the front seats. Calibrated in this way, the A4 is a beast of the road. She clings to the bitumen and handles like a racing kart. For anyone who wants a typical German driving pleasure and be really fun driving, there is no doubt that this is the option to choose.
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is now two years, Audi decided to put on the market a Allroad variant. Replacement for the A4 Avant, the model shows the architecture of the family by enhancing Before the suspension at higher clearance, better ground clearance and more aesthetic artifices of prominent wings arches plasticized black. The A4 Allroad takes the turbocharged 2.0-liter engine, which is more than enough to unlace the brunt of this family despite the additions engendered by this architecture. Back also, traditional and very effective quattro drive that allows honor the name of the vehicle which could be literally translated as “all terrain”. It would be surprising to come across a Allroad on the Rubicon Trail since it does not offer quite the conditions to tackle this type of terrain. The handling of Audi products inspired by its strength and dynamism. The A4 Allroad is no exception, even if the suspension offers a cozy calibration than the sedan. On the highway, the ride quality is impressive as well as the high level soundproofing. Acceleration is strong and thanks to turbocharging, the power available at low revs. The vitamin range S4 version provides a different approach. Based on the A4, it inherits a supercharged V6 engine with 333 horsepower. Formerly a turbocharged V8, this transition to a more efficient engine is made ​​almost identical power. Fuel consumption has however improved and overall performance are much more balanced when pushing the car on a circuit. In conjunction with the Audi Drive Select system, now standard, mechanical S4 can deliver real thrill to the pilot. We look forward to reviewing the insane RS4 roll again on our roads one day.

The A4 range offers excellent products. Both engines deliver strong performances in addition to being particularly soft while transmission choices bode well for vocations models. The rigid chassis can deliver dynamic behavior and quite European. Too bad the S variant is so expensive because it flirts with perfection!