2016 Audi A3 E-Tron lease deal

2016 Audi A3 E-tron Priced at $37,900

Lease Deal

$2,562 Due at Signing

$1,000 Summer Of Audi Incentive! 3 Year/36 Month Lease – 36,000 Total Miles. Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

Financing Special
3.9% APR

for 60 Months 

$3790 down payment. $1,000* New Owner Acquisition Offer: Current owners of a Honda, Toyota or Subaru may qualify for this New Owner offer. Payments will also vary based on options selected.

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Audi A3 E-Tron Test Report
The Audi E-Tron combines the advantages of an electric car with the extended range of a gasoline car for long trips. This plug-in hybrid gives you 16 miles of pure electric only range, then the engine kicks into hybrid to generate electricity. The A3 E-Tron Sportback passes for the conventional model but with a potent electric motor under the hood. That’s behind the grille that is more interesting to explore. Audi has installed an electric motor that makes 102 HP. This is sandwiched between the regular 1.4 TFSI 4-cylinder gas engine that makes 150 horsepower. Total output with the electric motor and engine combined is 204 horsepower. Combine that with the S-Tronic six-speed gearbox and you get a quick shifting plugin-hybrid car. The powerful lithium-ion battery (8.8 kWh storage capacity), is located under the rear seat.

Off the line the A3 E-Tron accelerates quietly and earnestly in Electric Only mode thanks to all the torque available at 0 RPM. So the figures say, the quintessence of this e-tron pulls with full batteries. In everyday life (in town driving or short commutes), the car offers the benefits of an electric car. And for traveling, longer distances ; the hybrid system allows for up to 380 miles of total range.

Audi succeeds especially this beautiful synthesis without altering the conduct of the A3. Despite adding 600 lb. related to hybrid and electric chain, which forced to strengthen the suspensions, the A3 e-tron is pleasant and still agile. The hybrid powerplant works seamlessly, the S-tronic box adds to driveability, especially in Sport mode to prevent the “free wheels” of the Drive mode, advantageous for consumption to less reactivity in raises.

Regulars Audi will not be disoriented in the cockpit. The brand has opted to keep the same layout to the other versions of the A3. Apart from the dedicated keys and the power indicator replaces the tachometer, the environment is preserved. We thus find the presentation of high quality and pleasant to handle orders. Comfort is a little rough, but nothing major though. Damage, however, that the effective suspension piloted Magnetic Ride is not available here.

Finally, livability suffers no installation of batteries under the seat, as this development was planned from the design of the car. Only concessions, the trunk loses its space under the removable floor with the batteries taking space. The e-tron system is only available on this five-door Sportback body. Neither the three-door or four-door sedan are planned for now with this technology. Balance sheet. The 100% electric car does not take off, simple hybrid looking for a second wind, and the A3 e-tron is the right balance between the two technologies stroke his well measured electrification. She managed the feat especially to control its price and not be penalized by the overweight or inadequate planning. In this context, the technological attraction will be one of the strengths of the e-tron to buyers wanting to move on the car 100% heat without having to make compromises.

There are already players that dominate this segment like the: Toyota Prius Plug-In, Chevy Volt, Ford Fusion/C-Max, Honda Accord Plug-in, and Hyundai Sonata. Then you have competition from cars like the Volkswagen Golf GTE with a technology similar to that of the Audi, except this car is all electric. So the Audi A3 E-Tron might be a little late to the game especially with a $37,900 price tag.