audi military sales programAudi Military Sales Program and Incentives. Audi sells its full line of coupes, sedans, convertibles, crossovers and wagons worldwide, and thus is in a unique position to offer personnel of the US military, at home and abroad, terrific incentives for purchasing or leasing a new Audi. There is first a nice $500 or $1000 cash discount or rebate on specific Audi models for military personnel. Three different programs are available which offer a unique experience to buyers under these programs, including 100 percent price protection, 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the vehicle upon delivery, and special military pricing that can save buyers thousands of dollars.

Military Discount Highlights

  • Cash Discount Incentive: Get $500-$1000 towards the lease or purchase of a new Audi vehicle.
  • Stationed in Europe: Pay no taxes on a new luxury car.
  • Stationed in Middle East: Our dealers there will guide you through the whole process.
  • U.S. Military: Get wonderful incentives on any new Audi car or SUV.

I Want this Audi Discount

Military in Europe Discounts

For buyers in Europe or the United Kingdom, Auto Exchange has locations across the continent and offers two distinct programs: you can choose from over 300 vehicles that are tax free and available for immediate delivery, or custom order an Audi configured to your specifications which can be delivered overseas or to any authorized dealer in the United States.

Military in Middle East Discounts

Military personnel station in the Middle East or Asia can purchase a car through Military Autosource. Their expert personnel can assist you with your selection and guide your through the entire ordering, purchasing, and delivery process.

Expats Discounts

Expats returning to the US can benefit from purchasing through International Autosource; you can choose from any Audi model of the hundreds in inventory at any one time, or custom order an Audi configured to your exact specifications.

For over one hundred years, the Audi AG Company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing fine quality automobiles from its headquarters in Bavaria, Germany. Audi AG is proud to support the US military and is appreciative of the sacrifices personnel make in the course of their daily duties; they are pleased to offer these special programs to help US servicemen have a better experience while purchasing cars overseas, and save thousands of dollars on their purchases, as well.