99 per month car leaseYou see it advertised: $99 car leases. But is this too good to be true? You better believe for the most part the fine print tells a different story. The $99 car lease deal falls into 5 different categories:

  1. Base Model Car – Many of the $99 cars are the very cheapest base models. This is perfectly fine though if you are looking for affordable transportation.
  2. High Down Payment – Another way to decrease the monthly lease payment to $99 is by having a lot of cash put down/due at signing. So a $99 lease may need a hefty down payment at lease inception.
  3. Unwanted Vehicles – The low $99 payment is also a ploy by manufacturers with unpopular vehicle that need to be unloaded. Take for instance the Smart Fortwo. This car is priced under $100 month after month because no one wants to drive one of these sub-compact cars. So once the price gets that low, then consumers will gladly swallow their pride.
  4. Incentives and Rebates – The final way that car dealers can offer $99 lease is by combining or offering multiple incentives or rebates. The might offer a valued owner coupon (if you currently own that make) or a conquest incentive (if you own a competing car), there are College Grad Rebates, Military Incentives, or Sales Event Bonus Cash offers. By combining some of these you can lower the payment below $99.
  5. One Model at this Price – Seeing those low lease or monthly payment rates in the newspaper classified ads is a great way to attract consumers to a dealership. But in most instances the text “one at this price” is a dead giveaway that you will most likely not be the lucky guy who get this deal first.

Current $99 Car Lease Deals from Around the Country:

capital toyota lease
Capital Toyota
Capital Toyota of San Jose is offering 3 $99 lease deals. You can get the 2015 Camry, Corolla, or Prius lease but there is a hefty down payment due. For instance you need to put down $5600 on the Corolla where a normal Corolla lease would only require $1999. That extra $3601 upfront is what makes the lease price drop to $99.

temecula hyundai lease
Temecula Hyundai
Temecula Hyundai has a couple of great lease offers under $99 on the 2015 Sonata, Elantra, and Accent. Naturally Hyundai cars are a bit cheaper than the competition but recent styling updates make them popular. The fine print on these offers is that you will be combining multiple incentives with a higher downpayment. So in the example above you need $3499 consumer cash + $500 Lease Cash + $500 Sale Event Bonus + $500 loyalty coupon.

Nucar Chevrolet
Nucar Chevrolet
This dealer out of Delaware looks like they have the most amazing cheap lease deals in the country. I see multiple vehicles including the 2015 Malibu, Cruze, and Equinox under $99. The down payment is reasonable, the lease term is short at 24 months but that is no big deal, and the allotted mileage is 10k miles which is below the norm but no our of the ordinary. The only fine print is that you must own or lease a 1999 model GM (Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet) vehicle.

Boardwalk Volkswagen specials
Boardwalk Volkswagen
Boardwalk Volkswagen is a VW dealer out of Redwood City CA. Their lease deal looks pretty straight forward. The Jetta is an already cheap affordable compact sedan. So getting the price down to $99 is not that tough. The lease contract is for 24 months with less than $3000 down. Seems pretty straight-forward.

fiat of austin specials
FIAT of Austin
There are multiple FIAT dealers across the country with a $99 lease deal. This one comes to us from Austin Texas. Usually it’s the base model called the Pop that is priced under $100 but FIATofAustin is offering the FIAT 500 Sport model which includes a bunch of goodies.

Smart Center Cary
This smart car dealer is located in Cary NC which is near the Raleigh area. This is a nation lease offer for the not-so-popular smart car. If you need a cheap mode of city transportation then the $99 smart car lease may be perfect for you.

familydeal gmc terrain
LaFontaine Auto Group
I love the name of this dealer group: Family Deal. Sound so innocent. They are pushing the $99 GMC Terrain lease deal as well as the Buick Verano. These 2 lease special look fine with low monthly payments under $100 and only $2999 due at signing. The only stipulation I see is the line of fine print that says: Must have GMS and Conquest Lease Closing Lease conquest is you must current own a competing vehicle. What GMS is I am not sure?

Route 46 chryslerRoute 46 Chrysler Jeep Dodge
At Route 46 you can get the 2015 Chrysler 200 for $99 per month with no money down. It seems way too good to be true. It probably is at there is only 1 model at this price. The fine print tells us that you need to use the $1000 Loyalty Incentive combined with the $1000 college incentive. So it might be tough or already too late to get this deal.

Yes the amount of cars for lease under $100 is limited. And those cars are usually the base model. But Stepping up to the $100-$199 range or under $200 cars as we call them, you can get a ton of great options. Way more! And now you have different tpyes of vehicles like crossovers and sedans, much more so then the under $99 lease offerings.

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