2017 Honda Ridgeline model year lease deal

2017 Honda Ridgeline Priced at $29,475

Lease Deal

$2,699 Due at Signing

3 Year/36 Month Lease – 36,000 Total Miles. Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

Financing Special
1.9% APR

for 60 Months

$4999 down payment. Payments will also vary based on length of loan, loan to value, and options selected. Title, taxes, license, registration and dealer fees are extra.

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Honda Ridgeline Test Report
When the Honda Ridgeline first debuted back in 2006, it confounded many skeptics. Yes, the look was unique, but despite this questionable appearance, this pickup has fulfilled the expectations of its owners. Want proof? The Ridgeline sold over 275k vehicles over an 8 year span and more than half of those are still in the possession of the original buyer…now that’s what I call Brand Loyalty!

The new generation of the Honda Ridgeline will not change that perception. It might look more like a truck than before, it nonetheless holds a unique design. But this design, Honda takes it completely, and managed a tour de force: to endow his Honda Ridgeline qualities of a truck and those an SUV.

For 2017, Honda has again become a bit more conservative still dividing the cabin and the box of Ridgeline in two totally separate rooms. Honda may say that it is essentially a matter of style, it is also noteworthy that this decision has important technical and economic impacts.
Thus to realize the long full length metal panel which was previously on the vehicle side, it was necessary to deploy engineering treasures. By splitting the car into two pieces, it becomes easier to make the pieces, and easier to replace if broken!

As for the front of the Honda Ridgeline, look no outrageous innovation. It incorporates the style elements of the Honda Pilot and Honda CR-V, adapting, as appropriate, to the reality of a pickup truck.

In terms of size, also specify that the Honda Ridgeline grew 7 centimeters in length, saw its wheelbase grow by 8 centimeters, but lowered its 1.2 centimeters roof. In fact, the new Honda Ridgeline has a sleeker look than its previous generation.

Gossips (which I sometimes part, I must admit) have often questioned the working capacity of the Honda Ridgeline. The new generation will silence most critics looking for a small pickup. Because no, the Ridgeline is not equipped to do a snub to large size trucks, but it was more capable than I had expected.

Thus, with its long box 5 feet 4 inches (which obviously lengthens if the tailgate is lowered), the Honda Ridgeline can accommodate up to 1500 pounds. Better yet, the same form of box allows to install a flat sheet of plywood 4 feet by 8.

It must be said, too, is in its loading box as the Honda Ridgeline demonstrated ingenuity. The tailgate, which can be lowered as all the truck tailgates, could also open laterally, providing much better access to the live cargo space. It is therefore, to my knowledge, the only hatchback opening in both directions of the market.

At the bottom of this box is also found safe, sealed and lockable, capable of accommodating more than 7.3 cubic feet of storage space. The same collection box is highly durable and coated with a polymer developed by Honda, not only able to resist scratching, but also to sunlight without fading. Finally, the last detail, in the high-end versions, we even installed music in the mud. In fact, it is an electronic device, hidden in the walls, allows to transmit all the music you want, be fired sound system or your Bluetooth device, directly outside the truck. A true companion “tailgate”.

Obviously, one can not speak of the Honda Ridgeline without talking about the comfort of its interior. Patterned after the Honda Pilot (even if Honda said that a total of 80% of our components Ridgeline are different), it is spacious, comfortable and well appointed. He is best able to accommodate passengers with ease, and, under the rear seat to accommodate more materials, if any. Touchscreen imposing controls easy to master, the Ridgeline is Honda literally melts in your family when you sit inside.

As for driving, it is no surprise, more like a utility than that of a truck. With the exception of the time of towing, while we feel a little jitter suspensions with a trailer of 4000 pounds, the Honda Ridgeline forget his pickup personality. After several kilometers on Texas roads, I actually had to make an effort to remember its shape.

Under the hood is a V6 engine 280 horsepower and 262 foot-pounds of torque, more than enough for everyday use, coupled with an intelligent all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission 6 speeds well staged. Different? Certainly, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline is not like the others. But it certainly promises a lot, provided you like its split personality.