2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth model year lease deal

2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth Priced at $29,190

Lease Deal

$2,999 Due at Signing

3 Year/36 Month Lease – 36,000 Total Miles. $500 cash allowance. Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

Financing Special
4.04% APR

for 72 Months 

$2,999 down payment. $1500 Cash Allowance NET PRICE $27,690 Payments will also vary based on length of loan, loan to value, and options selected. Title, taxes, license, registration and dealer fees are extra.

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2017 Fiat 124 Spider Abarth Test Report
When it comes to cheap convertible sports cars, there really is just the Miata. That is until the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth hits showrooms. This car is like a holiday in Italy. With every mile you drive in the new Fiat 124 Spider, the mood rises. As a tribute to the historic Fiat 124 Sport Spider, which was presented exactly 50 years ago, the new Fiat combines 124 Spider authentic roadster feeling with the driving pleasure of a sports car, the latest technology and safety in combination with Italian design. Here, the small sports car speaks best for itself. Fiat has finally an affordable roadster. With rear-wheel drive. It is largely based on the Mazda MX-5 and yet he does almost everything differently.

So Fiat has already left little room for any doubt from the outside. From reduced-sinewy purists design of the MX-5 is not much (meaning probably nothing) left. Instead, they think they are at somewhat turgid sight of the 124 Spider Abarth immediately on any sunny, unjust strongly favored by nature coastal strip across the Atlantic. Surprising is not. Finally, the new 124 Spider Spider oriented stylistically quite detailed on old 124 Sport from 1966. The summit was mainly in the country of freedom, burgers and Trump a tremendous success. About pretty beastly eyes looks the new into the environment. The grill, the two bubbles on the bonnet, the hip bend and the rectangular taillights quote the beloved ancestor, without being embarrassed or retro fitted. Funnily enough the Fiat same wheelbase is more than 13 centimeters longer than the MX. 5 The longer overhangs not exactly scream “Performance”, leaving 124 but somehow appear more relaxed. And like a car, that it is rather a Z4 receives as a Daihatsu Copen (excuse me, dear MX-5).

Fiat has certainly driven much effort to his new 124 Spider Abarth. The biggest difference Roadster Twins From a technical perspective is safe when driving. While Mazda relies on high density, absorbent, quick-response barrel organs, but must be treated properly in common, before anything happens, Fiat brings the house MultiAir Turbo-lobe of the consolidated basement. Under the hood is a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder that makes 164 horsepower and 184 lb-ft. of torque.

The character and responsiveness of the little engine and chassis is well received. FIAT wanted to build a smooth little roadster with ample power. Yes, there is a turbo lag, but from about 2,000 rpm, the turbo 1.4 liter is already really happy. The rest is surfing on an unexpectedly muscular torque shaft. The 124 Spider accelerates impressive and emphatic than convey the values ​​and also rotates readily than suspected. He makes the performance definitely easier experienced than the MX-5 does. That one must turn significantly less than the Mazda, but does not mean that this is highly recommended. The six-speed manual transmission is a very short-way, easy to make clicking and wonderful subsequent joy.

Despite much more length and a bit more Turbo, the 124 Spider Abarth is only 110 pounds heavier than the MX. 5 Say: By today’s standards it is still going through the almost radical lightweight. Fiat nevertheless decided to adapt the chassis to the extra burden. Anyone who knows the chassis of the current MX-5, is wondering why the hell you wanted to change something, but probably it is also about the 124 Spider Abarth to implant its own character. So more charm comes in the form of another damper settings, revised stabilizers and new spring rates.

There are no frills and no wimp technique that dilutes the driving experience. The new, open Fiat is by no means compromise, but quite convenient, relatively easy on the back and available on request even with heated seats. But silliness as a wind deflector, an electric roof or even a neck-level heating are quite rightly not even on offer. And why, when you’re in the mood for summer after a very short time?

That the 124 Spider Abarth things more relaxed terms as its Japanese brother is not the way that you are dealing with a dynamic driving slacker. The new seats are a satisfaction, seat position, steering wheel and positioning of the pedals fit like a wafer-thin leather gloves and everything feels at once loose and easily right on. It is striking how soft the suspension acts in this Roadster. He stands out when accelerating; he dives when braking a deep, generally moves quite a bit. About minor bumps and shocks he stumbles still quite harsh, but that’s a penalty, on the one can easily overlook.

That we noticed: folding, snap, bang – three simple steps are required, then folds the soft top, supported by the wind, behind the seats and there is joy in the car. Hardly any other Roadster – apart from extreme types like Morgan, Lotus or Caterham again – is so airy and as casual as the Fiat 124 Spider Abarth. Except of course the Mazda MX-5, to which we will come later.

What in this roadster pleasure but remains on the track, is the everyday utility. Because the Spider is so scarce and concentrated, so very tailored to the driver that there is not even the usual pockets in the doors or a glove compartment. The usual paraphernalia must be stowed in a cumbersome plastic cavity between the seats. So be it: if you want a practical car, to access to Audi TT and Mercedes SLC.
The context is that Fiat situates the new 124 Spider Abarth, although in their own history, but in fact are the roots of the car in Hiroshima and not in Turin: The car is nothing more than a cloned Mazda MX. 5 However, the Italians have obscured the takeover sent. Outwardly, because each sheet metal part is new and the Spider therefore has a very different, sleeker look. And under the hood, because instead of the Japanese normally aspirated an Italian turbo gasoline engine with 1.4 liters of displacement, 140 hp and 240 Nm of torque is used, its lively character fits in well with the small planers.

Next, the two sister models are in the interior, where there are only a few subtle differences. As used Fiat not only softer leather, but also a thicker roof insulation and a better insulated windscreen. Therefore, the car has a little more dolce vita as the purist sober Japanese roadster.

Originally, the two-seater was the successor to the Alfa Spider to come on the road. Now instead Fiat was it. All those, which is not tight enough the standard motor is not strong and the chassis, which offer the Italians from the end of September a stronger and crunchier Spider with 170 hp – but not as a Fiat, but with the logo of sister brand Abarth.

With its classic Italian roadster line and the welcome absence of any gimmicks (there are no adaptive dampers, not automatic and only a wonderfully easy to use manual soft top) arouses the 124 Spider instantly this Sit down-moving off-Fun have attitude. As in the MX-5 function operation and infotainment absolutely catchy, by a little more color and leather of Fiat in the cockpit acts but a touch of luxury. Is the 124 Spider Abarth are the better MX-5? Now, the two are – despite all efforts differentiation – driving skills already very similar. Who will like to be a bit more elegant and effortless way, but may like using Fiat. We will not forget: Open the roof is surprising, especially while driving. There can be concluded more difficult again. Sure, an electric roof operation would help there, but such dilution would not fit the car. Ever: Why would you actually close the top? About this car namely seems always felt the sun.