2016 Lexus GS f lease deal

2016 Lexus GS F Priced at $87,090

Lease Deal

$4,999 Due at Signing

3 Year/36 Month Lease – 30,000 Total Miles. *COMPLIMENTARY FIRST MONTH’S PAYMENT* Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

Financing Special
0.9% APR

for 72 Months 

$499 down payment. Payments will also vary based on length of loan, loan to value, and options selected. Title, taxes, license, registration and dealer fees are extra.

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Lexus GS F Test Report
The stats on the Lexus GS F sound enticing: Japanese luxury sedan, 5.0 naturally aspirated V-8 engine, and amazing looks. Here are a couple of words that describe the new GS F: expressive, extrovert, and explosive. We know already the new Lexus design direction from the IS and RC. Now the GS model get the treatment: jagged LED daytime running lights and the nasty Diabolo grille. The design must and will polarize, may you take notice, forcing you to be envious.

Lexus stands up to the trend of downsizing engines in the name of fuel economy. Instead they have showed a 5.0 liter V-8 engine under the hood that makes 467 horsepower and 389 lb-ft. of torque. The 8-speed automatic transmission is so crisp that only the PDK from Porsche is comparable. The understated yet pleasant sound of Eight Cylinders fits the character of the GS F as sporty travel and long-range sedan. A pleasant V-8 soundscape that neatly swells under full load, without exaggerating.

The interior is customized Lexus typical quality and exudes techno bliss. The operation of the cockpit requires familiarity and time. Speaking of comfort: the $80k plus price tag means that this luxury sedan is well appointed for the long haul. Seats are sporty yet very comfortable. And even short bumps absorb Sachs dampers considering the vehicle class neat – here at least not too hard shocks are dealt. In terms of driver assistance the GS-F makes the entire range from the pre-crash system, for example, the window closes before a collision on lane-control to traffic sign recognition. In addition, the light from LED headlights and a head-up display is attending. However, there are still a lot of knobs in the cockpit and the usability is sometimes a bit awkward. Also the infotainment system looks a bit outdated.

Yes the GS-F is a few tenths slower to 60 MPH than the BMW M5 or Mercedes C-Class AMG but the car is still quick enough for the street. The technicians at Lexus have given us a surprisingly compact and agile chassis even though the GS F has a fat burb weight and a heavy lump over the front axle. Direct e-power steering is firm and precise, the ring fits comfortably in your hand. Lush and conformable sport seats keep the passengers even in the center panel when the driver approaches the physical limits in terms of lateral acceleration.

Incidentally, one should at forced pace turn absolutely in Sport mode, otherwise, the eight-speed torque converter automatic moves is tougher and also wants to quickly switch to top gear. During leisurely cruising that’s okay, but under sporting conditions, the lower gear should already be inserted under braking. It also happens in the dynamic setting, which is however so uncompromising and constantly subscribe to high speeds, that this in turn is annoying in everyday life. It lacks a medium setting here. A technically complex active differential on the rear axle load-dependent controls the power allocation between the left and right rear wheels to optimize grip.

And it could all really be so beautiful. The really good working Torque Vectoring Differential (TVD) regulates the wheel speeds at the rear axle without active braking intervention. The torque flows without sacrificing performance where it is needed. Particularly noticeable is the slalom mode. The tail is tremendously agile, the entire 1.9-ton cargo feels much lighter and noticeably nimble scurries through the streets.

The Lexus GS F is a sports sedan, a GT with travel qualities, with which you can let it rip and tidy if necessary. For the circuit in the GS F is not made. He may have received at Fuji Speedway and at the Nürburgring-Nordschleife its finishing touch. The chassis is actually outstanding, as I’m used to it by Lexus. The engine bubbles before revving, growling deeply, you also yells at when you stand on it.

Of course, the Lexus is blessed with an admirable agile tail, which the GS F can appear lighter than it is. Nevertheless he remains too heavy for the track; and you realize at the latest when you stomping along jam waxed the 1.9 tonnes before the curve entrance on the brake pedal. Nimbly is then but different.

A sports car it is not easy. A 1.9 ton sedan of the upper middle class: Despite the intelligently designed TVD, which contributes significantly to the driving fun, the GS F what it is remains. Granted, a very talented young athletes sedan, but that’s why no racers.

And yet the Lexus – how could it be otherwise – a very good, very finely made-up, comfortable long-range vehicle that is well trained. And the price is right; just if you squint at the supposed competition and Courage have to seriously consider these exotics into consideration.
At the end of the Lexus GS F is but a thoroughly successful compromise between comfort and sportiness. And where else there is still a good old naturally aspirated V8, which rotates drinkable in the 7,000 range? With a smile, the lovers will therefore go to the gas station to refuel again 15 liters to 100 kilometers. Who performs upper middle classes with maximum power on the shopping list, will ask in the face of some 100 horses less power than the competition, why it should be just the Lexus. Presented otherness as a reason to buy, or is it the fact that you can still get somewhere only displacement lean diet with turbos as potency Help?